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  1. It looks to me more like you want an assurance policy not insurance. You get nothing back from insurance policies in general unless something happens. Assurance will pay at the end if you are still alive. I have one running the payout will cover my son's uni fees. (UK prices budgeted for)
  2. I wonder how long this will last for if they did come. I have heard horror stories (numerous) of bar girls worldwide being picked up by Indian nationals. Taken back to an apartment where there are about 5 men and then they all rape her. Most girls know not to go with Indian nationals due to this and will only do so if desperate for money. The girl take the money upfront from the guy that picks them up from the bar. The rest that stay back at the apartment do not pay they just rape.
  3. You will probably find that this group is 3rd generation and possibly never been to India
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