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  1. Hardcopies of both the Nation and Bangkok Post are usually available to read at Starbucks daily.
  2. Just use the fixed rate car service at the airport. No need to arrange in advance. Price to Kamala should be about 700 baht.
  3. Meanwhile, blackwater runs freely into the oceans around rawai.
  4. Hotels offer low season prices until around mid-November, so they should be able to get a great four star or even a five star hotel for between $50-$100. They should probably stay in Patong if they enjoy walking distance to lots of nightlife and a big selection of restaurants, with the occasional short drive to karon or kamala for beach swimming days. Look at the following good ones in Patong: Millennium Patong, Adaman Embrace, Indigo Hotel, Swisshotel Patong, Duangitt Hotel. If they want to be near to a good swimmable beach, but not too far from Patong nightlife, consider the Sunwing Hotel in Kamala, or Kamala Regent condo rental in Kamala, or the Movenpick Karon or Novotel Karon.
  5. When are they coming and whats the nightly budget for a room?
  6. There can be little “fallout from mass tourism” if the host country uses their tourism tax revenues to create proper sewage and waste disposal, and they simply make a real effort to protect their corals from tourists trampling all over them. In addition, most of the issues noted in the documentary were already happening in Thailand even before mass tourism hit Thailand. There were never any effective sewage or waste disposal systems, and the oceans were already being raped for fish etc.
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