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  1. Is a secured credit card any better than a debit card? Bangkok Bank tells me I can get a debit card but I haven't tried yet. I haven't asked them about a credit card because I have credit cards in United States still.
  2. Thanks, I think the proof of 65,000 baht income has to be be notarized by the US Embassy, is that your understanding?
  3. Doesn't seem to make medical sense since any virus will disperse once you are underway. And you probably have enough distance between yourself and other riders, except maybe at traffic lights in larger cities. But the social issue of making the police and the public comfortable is something different.
  4. Thanks, wife is Philippine which offers its own set of complications
  5. Thanks, it sounds like a 1-year ME Non-O Visa based on retirement (good for entry for a year) is only available at a Thai embassy outside of United States, correct? Being in Krabi, Penang is not far, but I am a little worried about whether the Thai immigration will let us back into the country with coronavirus restrictions. Maybe by land but not by air?
  6. I think he was talking about renting the land but I'm not sure
  7. Thanks, I don't live close to one of those places that issue the type O-A in United States, but I wonder if I could apply by mail. Or could I apply for it while I'm still here in Thailand?
  8. I am here on the amnesty for a tourist visa extension. I will go back to USA before July 31st. I would like to maximize my chances of being allowed back in during November, as I am having a house built with an eye towards long-term residency. I'm thinking people with long-term visas might have a better chance than those trying to come back on a tourist visa. Would it make sense to apply for a non-O visa based on retirement, even though I am planning to leave before the end of July? I have read on the Thai Embassy website that the period of stay is only 90 days, but it also says if you get a multiple entry visa, the visa is good for one year. Does that mean I could leave in July and I would get a new period of stay when I come back in November? And then I could apply for the one-year extension of stay when I return in November? I meet the age requirement, and already have my Thai bank account and the money needed (but not deposited yet.) I also have a pension that would qualify, but I don't think I can get a letter from the US Embassy now. Sorry this is so complicated, but that's just how they make it for us.
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