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  1. Thanks for that explanation, glad that worked for you. Sounds a bit risky though that you need to sign a long-term lease when you don't know yet if they will let you stay that long. Also, immigration did not ask for any Thai bank statements when you went for the 90-day O visa?
  2. "They must either show evidence of monthly salaries of at least 65,000 baht transferred to a Thai bank account or balances of at least 800,000 baht in their Thai bank accounts." I'm trapped in a vicious cycle trying to relocate to Krabi as a retiree with a large-enough pension. I've gone to two branches of Bangkok bank, one if the several times, trying to open an account in part so I could meet the immigration financial requirements. At various points they requested a work permit (don't have or want), or an embassy letter (I assuming they mean the old income affidavit). I showed them their own online rules allowing an account if you have a letter from your pension source, and showed them a signed letter from my former employer (US government) listing my pension They didn't accept it because it looked like it was not a signed original (sorry that's what they send, machine signed). I'm trying to get an original signature, just as US gov shut down. Then they wanted a letter confirming immigration status from the immigration office. Immigration told me yesterday they won't do that unless I have an address book to show. I assume you have to show a long-term rental contract or some kind of home ownership to get that proof, but how can you get that if you can't get the retirement visa, since you can't show the deposits, since you can't get an account, and you can't get an account, since you don't have the address book, and on and on in nauseating circular repetition.... I don't give up easily, but it's hard to figure out how to get off of this un-merry go round.
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