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  1. These numbers are as about as sharp as a banana, more people died on the roads of this great Kingdom in the time it took to process and publish this tripe... TV is becoming MSM fake news are scare mongers - If you had a TB jab your safe, funny how all the deported people from Thailand are testing positive in high numbers in there home countries... no testing means no cases.... and well look awesome to the world... what utter lies....
  2. Basic math, Thailand + entry restrictions = zero tourists. Additionally the PCR test gives a positive if you have flu, as flu by its nature is a coronavirus ... so your covid 19 free but will test positive... stupid government dont even know the guy who developed the test, who was a Nobel prize winner for Chemistry and said the test was floored and gave many false/negatives... gee Thailand do you dam research ..
  3. Are TAT are out there minds, no one is coming here... to be frank who in there right mind would. Come here no for what, there is nothing you get here than now over rules your own country plus its English speaking... Folks are travelling locally now and with the absolutely crazy entry requirements which will be at the immigration officers disgression why would you even bother. I had a passport issue a few years ago and they put me in IDC, trust me no tourist will risk a paperwork error - its just not worth the risk. People are skint also... Thailand is dead, go to Vietnam, much much better ... as is Cambodia.. There is no vaccine for this and there wont be...
  4. Well they will need to keep Thailand closed forever, no vaccine will be developed ... dam they still have no vaccine for SARS.. Your comment suggests you support the entire collapse of the planet Earth as we know it with the death of millions due to fear mongering ...How irresponsible you are ... please think before you decide to make such rash statements. ...
  5. Its quite a smart virus, only infects specific groups... what utter BS
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