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  1. A friend of mine tried to get the same package yesterday and got the same message. But didn't someone on other thread just activated the 600 baht 1mbps for 6 months package? Isn't that one of the codes they always used for the same promotion? Maybe they are slowly deactivating all old USSD codes now. It definitely worked for me just 3 days ago. Frustrating that they closed that fantastic loop hole/promotion.
  2. I think he is referring to the new packages you'll find now on the AIS website and promoted in the shops. It looks like packages for newly activated sim cards have a data limit now and the reduced speed after that is abysmal (64mbps, 386 etc).
  3. Haha, long discussion for nothing. Code still works perfectly fine. Old package expired this evening and I just gave it a try.... No coffee for you kneedeep, but I appreciate the help and input. Guess all the old codes still work even with newly activated sim cards.
  4. That is a nice tip but unfortunately I'm moving around and probably don't stay long enough in one place to have a card delivered to me. So the 90 baht flat was a very easy and cheap option for me. Heard this promotion was around for a while (months). Sad that these f*ckers had to change/end it in the middle of my stay. It was 550 in my app since a couple of days ago so I naturally thought this was the total price. The Ussd code would still be helpful.
  5. So since you are never wrong, would you kindly tell me the code for the old 30 days 4mbps unlimited Flatrate? It was 550 baht. I could save 100 baht . Also you're missing out on a free coffee. Unfortunately I no longer have use for the money after I return home.
  6. Don't reply to threads that don't interest and annoy you, is my suggestion. Also, 90 baht is still money and could buy you a nice coffee and cake. Good for you if you no longer have to work for your money or just don't care. I unfortunately travel on a budget and care about 90 baht. So since I can't transfer them to my old account, do you fancy having them? I invite you to a coffee...
  7. You are wrong again. The 50 baht for the sim card are probably gone but you can easily transfer the money to another card. So no cash refund but I could get the 90 baht back somehow. That was part of my question. Does anyone know if True or Datc have any special promotions right now like the 90 baht special? Read that people can still use all the old codes for unlimited flats. So even if they only offer the new packages and prices in the app, you can still get the old rates via the codes. This is too bad. AIS had such great packages and prices. The new non stop internet packages are all rubbish and the speed is abysmal.
  8. Not an answer to any of my questions really.
  9. It looks like the names and prices in my app have now changed too. The unlimited option is now Internet non-Stop and the price for 4mbps for 30 days has changed from 550 to 650 baht.
  10. So does this new speed limit mean the 90 baht code for new sim cards I wanted to use is also no longer available? I got a new sim card on Monday and wanted to try and use the code tomorrow when the old package expires. Does anyone know? The old unlimited packages are still available in my app for the old sim card. But these old promotional codes (like the 90 baht for 30 days unlimited at 4mbs) or any other old unlimited packages will no longer work for sim cards activated after Feb 1? I haven't topped up the new sim card with the 90 baht yet. Is it possible to get a refund from this new card if the code doesn't work? (aka is it possible to get unused money back from a prepaid sim card?)
  11. Hi guys, I'm in Thailand for a 3 months vacation and when I first arrived in Bangkok I got a Prepaid Sim card for 50 baht at an AIS shop. The lady there told me there is a special for newly registered numbers and she got me a 4mbs unlimited internet flat for 30 days for only 90 baht. She used a code to activate the rate on my phone. The 30 days are almost up and I would like to just get a new card and the same rate for another 30 days. I don't care about the number since I only use this card for data so just getting a new card and activating this rate would be the cheapest option for me. The name on my App is "MaoMao 90baht Net" Does anyone know the code for this special? Is it a problem to have multiple sim cards as a tourist or can I register as many as I like? I found the special on a Thai website but I'm not sure if this is the correct code or if it is still valid. (see attachment). Can anyone confirm?
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