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  1. Thank you all for your input, advice and recommendations. I have tried an agent mentioned in this post, but learned that once it is more than 15 kms from their office (service area) they come with unrealistic low prices or arguments why it should be low, they don't really know or service the area. We will have 3 more agencies visiting in a short period, all from around our area and will post the results. Any further recommendation(s) are still very welcome. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Looking for recommendation(s) for a (real) real estate agent/company in order to sell our home. Our property is located in Hang-Dong, near Kard Farang. There is a 'bush' of agents around the internet/Facebook. Just looking for a decent one. Commissions to pay is very reasonable and worth to make the deal. Wondering if any members in here does have some recommendation. It's a house/villa valued between 15-18M. Started with a real estate company, but seems nowadays they are keen to sell low to mid prices to mostly Chinese. (such as condo's/townhouses). Thanks for your help/recommendations in advance.
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