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  1. whatever man, just don't answer
  2. er, so on the dtac webpage I can extend my validity somehow ? forever ?
  3. thanks for the message, sorry by "in advance" are you saying "at a time" meaning in essence the number could be extended indefinitely? I am currently able to receive SMS internationally with no extra charge, perhaps that doesn't include sending SMS back to Thailand ? anyhow, I was hoping there might be something on the webpage to extend the validity time expiration ??
  4. you mean 365 at a time? of 365 from last used the plan in country? can I extend via the DTAC webpage or must it be done thru codes or calls to DTAC ? thanks
  5. must be franco-indochine influence on the frogs I've never heard and explanation for the pork-in-everything gastronomy of the Thai , supposed it would be economic , can't afford to graize cattle in a tropical rice country ... "Skeptical of this convenient filling in of the blank, scholars have pointed out that Pali uses a different word for “pork,” sukara-mamsa; they believe that sukara-maddava should be translated “pig food,” not “pig meat,” and that it most likely refers to truffles, a porcine delicacy. (Maddava has a secondary meaning of “something soft or delicate.”) They are convinced that the Buddha died from eating a poisonous mushroom, not tainted pork"
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