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  1. find some good dank and substitute it for the booze. learn a new hobby or past time. start a course in school. learn how to woodwork. get a old beat up car and restore it. learn how to garden. volunteer at a school. take long rides into small communities and talk with the local people. travel to neighboring countries. workout. learn another language. find some new friends who you share interests with and build a new relationship. i just moved back to thailand a few months ago only to find that most of my thai friends have died since i left. life can be cruel to all of us but it doesn't have to be empty. or plunge head strong into the booze and hope you can drown your sorrows. life is what you make of it. our time on this rock is so limited. don't look back and realize how much of it you wasted on frugal things. find a few women to poke. get a new gik or mia noi. watch the wizard of oz and play the soundtrack to floyd.
  2. you could clear any confusion up by detailing your visa and stay history in thailand over say the last 2 years.
  3. selectively selecting happenings all the time on this platform.
  4. hope you love the taste of respiratory disease. come back with a post about all your love once it sets in. deal ? you sir are a master.
  5. black gold translated in thai is poop soup right ? i could make better concentrates with my eyes wide shut.
  6. rich keep getting richer no matter what clown is in power. if only we had more men like this in politics.....
  7. although those numbers may be off. the detriot/windsor crossing handles a huge percentage of all commercial goods being imported into canada on any given day.
  8. i will be surprised if trudeau doesn't pull this off again. weather it be a majority or minority me thinks he is going to win. i mean we have seen trudeau's true colors and teflon trudeau seems impervious. some fine artwork i found online the other day. speaks volumes. i wonder if sheer will COME OUT with his. i think him and cory brooker may have a lot in common.
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