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  1. Looks like the Aerox and Nmax have a technological rival to match them now in the 2020 Piaggio Medley 125 & 155.See this link...... https://transitmotorcycles.piaggiogroup.co....Medley-for-2020 Just on the engines alone, the 155 version has 12.1kw @8750rpm / 15nm @ 6500rpmThe 125 version has 11kw @9000rpm / 12nm @ 6500rpm.They are a lot heavier though, so i think the Yamaha's would still win a drag race based on power to weight, but these Piaggio's are fully loaded with everything including ABS / Stop Start / LCD Dash etc etc. They are well engineered and high in quality too. You can't beat the Aerox MotoGP bike styling, but if Aprilia did a scooter like the Aerox with the Piaggio 155 engine they have (Piaggio own Aprilia), then that really would be a competitor to the mighty Aerox.
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