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  1. Another desperate grasping of a non existant straw
  2. A dictator uses veto power granted by the constitution? Barrack hussein O. Did it 12 times, was that the action of a dictator? Good thing you have a good perspective on things.
  3. Have any real evidence or is this just an opinion you can't back up?
  4. Well deserved because you want it to be so? Precisely how is it well deserved? Clear concise reasoning please.
  5. Enforcing the law? What law was broken? Answer: nothing but there must be something we can find. Well, if we keep looking there has to be a way to make up something to get our way to negate an election...... Orange man bad. do you think that these tactics can be used against someone else in another party?
  6. And yet podesta is not under investigation for the same thing..... No double standard here.... Move on. How many in DC do the same thing and don't register as lobbying for a foreign country?
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