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  1. I will be on my 4th visa on arrival this year but all of my visits have been 10 days no more than 16 and i always have my return ticket printed out in case they ask.
  2. Went through rough patch with my thai GF after i put my foot down and started saying NO and intorducing the word BUDGET when i actually sat her dow and showed her on paper the difference of money coming in vs going out and how long it would take to run through savings she decided to get a job to support the things I hands down said no to. (2 adult males at home with mom no job (NO) folks asking for loans NO. So she finally moved her mom into a smaller place just enough room for her and her daughter to save money after a few months of of being broke with nothing to show for her efforts. I made it clear to her spend money like im not in your life because they day can come when I'm not and you will be able to maintian things on your own.
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