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  1. Politics in Thailand! The main opposition party doesn't stand in a seat that it won last time ? Just as well pack it in and let the Prayut ass licking parties run the whole show ... They do anyway
  2. Don't take your wallet with you, just 1 or 2000 in cash tucked away !
  3. Virtually all the cases, since the boxing stadium fiasco have been from thais returning and they had to isolate. All these restrictions are just part of the Thai Officialdom control freakery . The "we want to remind the masses who is in control" message
  4. So this guy got this free phone and used his bank app immediately ... Oh dear. You have to be thinking one step ahead of these scammers all the time.
  5. The fact that 90% of Thais are wearing masks outside in the streets in the open air shows how far the Gov scare tactics have worked. I even get looked at for not wearing it outside. To think that in Bangkok I wore a n95 anti pollution mask outside when high levels of dangerous toxic fumes and 90% of Thais didnt sums up the mentality in the country .
  6. Not many Thais stand up for their rights! most are lead by the nose. Good on this man. Think about it, Hes not wearing a mask in an outdoor market... Uh so what! The depths of Thailand get lower every day !!
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