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  1. The fact that colour is a requirement shows what a bureaucrat company or agency has been given the contract ! VFS
  2. I have a 50 page passport so going to cost me 1000. F***" UK
  3. So did you photo copy all pages in passport in colour ? What a joke and how much that cost ?
  4. Always a relief when another crazy psycho driver in Thailand dies without taking an innocent victim with them
  5. These islands and Samui police are the worst when it comes to 'law'. When I first came to Thailand 20 years ago I had a friend who was stupid enough to go to some outdoor beach party ! It was there some undercover police 'apparently' found someone with a narcotic ! All the foreigners there were taken to Nathon prison cells! Cells with 15-20 in each and Due to appear in court later even though there was no evidence! Basically I had to pay to get him out. Taken to a room and a number was written on a paper with a 5 and 3 zeros and told ' pay it '. I did and he was released ! These provinces hav
  6. I will willingly donate my vaccine to another guinea pig! Give it a miss
  7. Should not discuss why your TV channel is blocking news? Wow some are scared
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