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  1. Other free sites that use MLB stream. Not paying to watch the occasional game when I wake up in the morning ..although more games are now afternoon since crowd restrictions so don't watch
  2. Been no black out since last year . Not needed since crowd restrictions
  3. Been no black out since last year . Not needed since crowd restrictions
  4. Get Google Chromecast device . It is compatible with MLB TV and you can buy a Chromecast device on Lazada . I cast to my TV from phone and notebook ,If you need any help I live in Bangkok PM https://www.mlb.com/live-stream-games/help-center/chromecast-get-started. https://s.lazada.co.th/s.WYqTR
  5. So funny ! What's clear is that Thailand was lucky with its low level infections last year ..it had restrictions which people adhered to. Now that's gone no more will folk accept that .. and because it had no effective vaccine programme and never planned it's screwed .. no surprise to those of you who know Thais. Planning and preparing for what to do next isn't a trait they are known for !
  6. Thailand and its insular. Irrational thinking. Nothing changes
  7. Of course it's true but gov scaring folk and controlling is never more so than in the land of S****
  8. https://www.thaienquirer.com/23278/rejection-of-indias-vaccine-offer-adds-to-mounting-concerns-about-thailands-vaccine-program/. Yes remember this ..we have 2 million astra zeneca vaccines do you want .. ah no this is Thailand. Loss of face etc
  9. If only. Thailand never had plan for dealing with the virus other than shutting down the country last year .what came next was .mai pen rai
  10. Just get it online you can either pay for MLBTV or there are other sites that stream. Eg Strikeout..should have worked out by now that True visions sucks
  11. This miserable selfish gov aren't going to change. The lemming Thai voters are electing it's lacky party pralang prachat in by elections..nothing is going to change and I mean nothing. Thais get what they deserve
  12. Yup. Don't take a test... Only if you are really ill and have to go hospital ..steer clear of the places
  13. Of course profit before human life .. and that's not just companies..Thais never believe it will be them who will die on the roads
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