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  1. If you don't have to do a 90 day report and if you don't want to get some kind of extension from Immigration then you don't have to worry about the TM30. The vast majority of tourists stay in legitimate hotels that notify Immigration for you. However, even if it is the responsibility of the house owner or condo owner to submit TM30's each time you return to the residence it is the foreigner that suffers the consequence if it is not done. The foreigner will not get the extension and will be asked to pay the fine. You can ask the landlord to reimburse you for the fine. That is between you and the owner.
  2. If you leave your hotel on the 26th and go to CW on the 27th you should file a TM30 related to your return to Bangkok. It has nothing to do with your hotel reporting your stay at the hotel. You have to do a TM30 for your return to BKK. You shouldn’t have to pay a fine because you are filling within 24 hours. Filing a TM30 at CW for travel inside Thailand is still an open question but do it anyway. It can’t hurt. Then go do your extension if you still have time. correction: If this is your first time filing a TM30 in BKK then you will probably pay an 800 baht fine. Otherwise you are within the 24 filing window.
  3. If you plan to stay here as a retiree in three years you should be careful about maintaining a good record with Immigration. Or at least not having a bad record. You should be careful about your next steps. It’s not that I’ve ever heard about anyone having retirement problems because of a sketchy travel record before 50 years of age but if remaining in Thailand is important to you then be on your best behavior. Good luck.
  4. Now I am of the opinion that his girlfriend should take the photo of his passport and go to Immigration inside the country and get an opinion from them. Maybe it would be best to go to an Immigration office at the airport since they are the ones who would see and interpret it if he returned to Thailand.
  5. So it sounds like there really is no answer to the OP's question. No one knows what the stamp and writing really means. He can attempt another entry or not. The worst that can happen is that he is turned back and he loses whatever money he spent trying to come back. If he is lucky he will get some clarification about his status.
  6. My understanding is that you can appeal but that it will take up to 5 days and you will be held in detention. Most people choose not to do that. However the law is written real people have to make decisions based on actions on the ground.
  7. I would think that if it was an overstay you would have been fined. The handwriting is terrible
  8. I am not sure what your point is. There is a six month multiple entry tourist visa that can be extended I think up to three months. Of course people leave when their visa expires. You can try to get a new visa and you can try to come back. Getting a visa still doesn’t guarantee you will be admitted into the country. Admission is up to the discretion of the Immigration Officer. A tourist visa is for temporary stay for the purpose of tourism. It is not intended for long stay to live in Thailand. That is where the discretion of the IO comes into play. What makes you a tourist? What makes you a long stay resident? From the reports I read on this forum and others it seems to depend party on the number of days per year you are inside Thailand and partly the number of entries and frequency of your coming and going. And then there is the question of how long is too long? If you are spending more time in Thailand than in your home country with no means of support then you are of greater chance to attract scrutiny and possibly be denied entry. That is about as precise as it gets. You can claim there is no limit on the number of tourist visas But go tell that to the OP and the many many people with complicated travel histories that are being denied entry. The OP said he has been coming here for at least three years on multiple tourist visas. We don’t have the statistics of how long and how many visas distributed over that time period. Apparently he reached a limit in the eyes of the IO he last encountered. Maybe he will get back in on an ED visa. Maybe he will show up at a different entry and get lucky and be allowed in. I wish him luck. He is in a difficult but not uncommon position with Thai Immigration
  9. Not annoyed at all. I feel bad for the people under 50 years of age who are not accommodated by the Thai Immigration system. Many of these people don't follow the visa forums and are caught unaware when the enforcement changes or the rules change. Whatever people believe is behind the many changes in the Immigration system a tourist visa is not the appropriate visa for long term stay. If you are aware of this and continue to use it that way then you are abusing the system. Of course Immigration is scrutinizing people more closely because people are not using the tourist visa as intended. On that we can agree to disagreed.
  10. A new passport won’t help. They can follow you passport to passport in their computer system. It is is prudent to have the original divorce documents but when I got married earlier this year all they wanted was the notarized affidavit from the US Consulate. No one actually looked at my documents.
  11. You are the very definition of the type of traveler Thai Immigration doesn’t want in Thailand. You’ve pretty much admitted that you are not a tourist. You’ve asked about marrying your girlfriend or getting an ED visa as another way to enter the country. It may not seem fair but it is the system you are confronted with today. I am a retiree and recently married my Thai girlfriend so I am not against marriage. I think few people would suggest you get married for this reason alone. You haven’t asked her up until now so if you go this route make sure it is for the right reasons. Plus you will have to meet the financial requirements and Thai Immigration will come to your residence to check that you are really married. Someone suggested that retiree such as myself should not be criticizing your predicament. However when people “abuse” the Immigration laws it can lead to changes in the law that affect all of us. So I can’t really support getting an ED visa unless you really have a burning desire to learn something. It shouldn’t be used to skirt tourist visa problems. Plus Thai Immigration will check to see if you are at a legitimate school and are actually learning something. That is, are you using the ED visa properly. At best it may only get you an extra year or so. I have followed Thai visa forums for a while and the only sure way for someone of your age to come and/or stay long term is the Thai Elite program. It is expensive up front but costs about $230/month. In my own case I am probably paying $1000/month less than if I rented in the US so $230/month looks pretty good. But I can totally understand why someone would not want to pay 500,000 baht for a 5 year commitment The Thai immigration system is more and more computerized. I don’t know if your specific 24 hour restriction was entered but it is likely you are flagged in the system for closer scrutiny. A new passport won’t help you. They can follow you passport to passport. I don’t see how a lawyer inside or outside Thailand can help your situation but it is your money. As you say, just showing up and testing the system hoping to get lucky is an expensive experiment from the UK. They have financial requirements for expats married to Thais and for people over 50 years of age. It would be nice if they extended financial requirements to people of all ages. Good luck.
  12. It sounds like you have a 1 year extension of stay based on retirement. If you have already met the requirements for a 1 year extension of stay then it should be the same process this time except for the new seasoning requirements for the 800k and possibly the requirement of a TM30. I don’t know about Chiang Mai but for Bangkok I have 1 Kasikorn bank account for both my 800k and my monthly expenses. I have an ATM card for that account. Just get your bank letter same day or the day before. Why worry about a 7 day window? Your extension is important. Set aside the time to do it properly. Also, do this as early as possible. If you encounter a problem then you have time to fix it and return.
  13. Advert or not, this issue of insurance should be taken seriously for those over 60 for whom insurance is expensive and/or unobtainable. There are only a limited number of plans that accept older new customers and the earlier you get in the better. The economic disconnect is that much of routine health care in Thailand, relatively speaking, is incredibly cheap. It is tempting to not want to buy insurance at all.
  14. I learned about Lingopolo a few weeks ago. I think it is a good learning tool for listening skills. For those who don't know about Lingopolo - the exercises are based on audio clips spoken by Thais. You get 5 multiple answer choices. If you close your eyes to the choices you can use this software to hone your hearing skills. It's terrible for learning the alphabet. Choose a different resource for learning the alphabet.
  15. You definitely want to give Social Security your mailing address. I just returned a form, sent to my Thai condo address, that needed to be filled out and return to continue my Social Security payments.
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