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  1. Different countries. Different immigration policies. Whether it is good or bad for you depends on your personal circumstances. The key is to accept that you are in a foreign country and they will probably do things differently and there is nothing you can to about it except maybe vent your frustrations on TVF.
  2. The Covid19 insurance was something that went into effect for a short time before they closed the borders for all travelers. I'm not sure that still applies when they closed the borders to foreigners. You will probably have to wait to see what the new requirements are for foreigners to enter the country sometime after July 1.
  3. I wonder what it is they are trying to determine with this "experiment". I can only imagine that they want to see if the National Government will tell them to stop experimenting. Otherwise, all they are doing is what they were doing for many years before the insurance requirement was imposed. There is nothing new to learn about that.
  4. Everything you said plus, don’t think for a second that your marriage and relationships in the west don’t have a strong dependency on your financial stability. At least many Thai women are up front about the importance of money.
  5. I am 64 and moved here in 2017. Bangkok. I am financially comfortable with savings and a pension. I am one of those that thinks your friend doesn't have enough money to retire here at his age. It sounds like he has been here often enough so he knows Thailand however he knows Thailand as a tourist. Retirement is not like being on vacation. And being here as a tourist is not quite the same as living here full time. In the end though no one can answer this dilemma for him. Changing up your life is a bit of a gamble any way you look at it. It is a leap of faith. You won't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing until after you have done it. If it is just a matter of loneliness then I would rather be lonely here than in my home country (USA). Also, note that with the current epidemic, Thailand, as everywhere isn't quite what it used to be even 6 months ago.
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