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  1. Do the tenants have to report to immigration?
  2. You have no idea about Alzheimer's do you? My friends wife had the disease, unfortunately he had a heart attack and died,. She simply starved to death. They forget everything. food, water..wild pigs got to them both before the police or anyone else. Not a pleasant outcome.
  3. I can understand why a commercial enterprise like TVF run these stories, but for chrissake target your audience. 100 pages plus about busted arse pensioners struggling to stay in Thailand and now this, Ok teeraak, kids Dads leaving you cos we are broke......lets have a last 20,000 baht on a meditation fling before I go. Sack your incompetent staff Dan and find someone who can add value...where are the good electricians and plumbers your target audience want? get engaged in reality. Rant over 5555
  4. You have fleas? I didn't read the rest of it after the dog story. I got bitten by a tick once FYI.
  5. Jeezus mate, have a beer and calm down. Its only one day.
  6. Whats an Enus and whats Cooter. Why should I fnd them hiarious? Please edumacated me.
  7. Absolutely. Catch and keep for a couple of weeks. Dry feed and worm them out, the sows will often drop a litter in this time...BONUS. Kill and stick (google that part) then check the lymph glands. All ok...happy days. Cook well and no fear of rabies. I know quite a few blokes who have lived on pork chops for decades. Perhaps the soi dogs could be trained to be pig dogs? 2 birds,one stone. Most dogs take to hunting pigs naturally.
  8. I really do wonder about the members on here. How many actually live in Thailand. How many live in Pattaya and how many are the quintessential 2 week millionaires and how many regurgitate the same old bar stool nonsense. I go to Pattaya every four weeks on average. Get pissed . And I'm happy to pay 200 baht for a drive back to my condo...whats the big deal?? When you blow 5-10,000 on night out whats a taxi fare mean in the scheme of things? I can get to Walking street for 10 baht and pay a bit more for the convenience of doorstep delivery when I go home.
  9. This thread should run for 30 pages once the alkies see it.
  10. Thailand has been growing sugar cane for many, many years and at one time was the second biggest producer in the world after Brazil. Not sure if India has overtaken Thailand now. Edit: Thailand is now in 4th spot behind China, India and Brazil with over 100 million tonnes produced.
  11. Another method of stepping up might be to get the wife to start talking to everyone she knows about the issue. In my experience the Thai people have very little knowledge generally about immigration laws. There have been trucks driving around our village for the last week containing wannabe politicians. Get the wife to let them know too. It might be an exercise in futility but who knows.
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