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  1. Funny you should mention the plastic beakers ... I don't ever remember seeing Tizer come in any kind of labelled container, it was always just in small plastic cups
  2. There's a pic on the first page of the Corona bottles that I remember ... don't know the post number with the new webpage
  3. Last extension was Febuary and did a 90 day in person before that with a new passport and had to do one after in person. Had conflicting reports from different IO's about me being able to report online. I am still surprised that it goes through online, and I still hav'nt left the county since my new passport was issued. Maybe they made a balls-up when you re-entered the country. I would guess you may have to do one in person and ask them to check your passport details for online. My experience tells me that even if they made a mistake when you entered, it must be possible for them
  4. I remember Corona delivered in milk crates and was a fan of R-Whites Lemonade ... I wonder if operation yewtree ever got around to investigating the guy from the ads
  5. Just reporting that mine seemed to go through online okay this morning, just waiting for approval and as Joe said never had to report in person after a new extension. The only problem I ever had online was with a new passport.
  6. When I go for a beer with my mates in bangers, I don't see any of these "nutters" you mention and I also don't get strangers wandering up to me trying to start conversations. I guess it depends on where you go for a beer
  7. respect is a two way street and not a means to control how someone thinks ... just because someone is older it doesnt necessarily mean they are right and should'nt be questioned ... the youth are finally awake
  8. I don't pretend to know what its like to be in his shoes and I would say he has no idea what its like to be in the average mans shoes. So why not just stay quiet. Not surprising he has no idea what exists and what doesnt exist in the real world. His brother even looked amazed at the sight of a KFC.
  9. Went to immigration twice for 90 day on a new passport and I had'nt left the country. I asked both times about doing it online, the first time the IO typed my new number and said I could now do it online. It did'nt work. The second time I was told I need to leave the country. Anyway before my next report was due, I had read that new passports were working in some cases so I tried just incase. Chrome and Firefox didn't work and was about to give up and gave Edge a go as a last resort and it worked. Done 2 online now and will try for the third time in a couple of days.
  10. I don't want PR, I was just saying that peoples situations are different. Also even if I did want PR, I don't think I would get it as even though I can speak Thai fluently nobody can understand a bloody word I say. Thai with a South London accent does'nt seem to go down too well here
  11. I don't think being "clever" has anything to do with it. It depends on what your skill set is. In my field, there are probably only 2 companies that would pay the salary I would want and I worked for one them already for 9 stress ridden years. Not everyones situation is the same as yours.
  12. can't see the igloo doing so well here, although they may be able to sell ice by the truck load
  13. I could be wrong but as far as I know, you have a year to keep paying into it, an option that I never knew about when I gave up my last job here.
  14. Maybe they should have thought about all this, before discarding types of people/nationalities they wanted here when they thought smoething better had come along. Not many nations left to attract now
  15. Its just an indoor setup ... can grow with whatever medium you prefer in the pots aslong as they get the right nutes and drainage
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