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  1. UPDATE .... So everything went well today. Got there just before 10, got everything submitted just before lunch and got passport back just after lunch. We had A different IO who was much nicer this time and even laughed a couple of times. We managed to get the affirmation though. My wife was reading online that there was no way they would destroy the original as it can be used for evidence. Apparently this turns out to be true. We just had to beg the man to get off his backside and look in a box that wasn't at front of the boxes as it was 6 years old. So to anyone who gets told they don't keep the affirmation at a district office just be persistent! I can tell you all that, my first marriage extension along with the BOI shit before has been the most stressful week of my life, but I'm happy I went with principles over an agent. If you keep using them, you can't really complain about corruption.
  2. Hi all, so ..... I have been living and working in Thailand for the past 15 years, with my wife for 14 years, married for the last 6. I got my visa and work permit through BOI. Gave up work and thought, I will just cancel my BOI visa and work permit, then reapply for a new extension, but with reason as marriage at Chaengwattana. Easy!!!!! Obviously this was wrong. Cancelling Visa and work permit from BOI not nearly as easy as you think it would be, especially if you don't want to leave on the day you finish work. Anyway managed to get that done with 20 days left. During the time of quitting work we have been to BOI and Chaengwattana 3 times each to cancel and get info, check paperwork etc. So, today we submit papers for a new extension and the officer at the counter is not happy , won't even look at me and she wants 2 things. 1- a copy of apartment owners blue book (ok, I know there was no mention of this, but no worries, I can do that). 2 - affirmation to marry. (We were concerned about this when the list they gave us, mentions this in Thai but not is English. We had already been to the place where you get the kor lor 2 and marriage certificate and he said "don't keep the affirmation after a couple of years". We called the call center "don't worry about it" and no mention of it when we went to check paperwork. I try to tell her that we can't get this document and she tells my wife without so much as a glance at me, that maybe her boss would let it go and maybe he wouldn't, but she's not going to check until we get copy of apartment owners blue book and she said "we should have queued to check docs earlier". "Well actually, we already did that last week and they told us that everything was ok but update your bank book". I think that just annoyed her. Anyway just a bit of rant as I don't know what else I can do. ... And If you see a man going ape shit in Chaengwattana on the news next week, you'll know they refused my visa.
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