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  1. 3 hours ago, BritManToo said:

    Current retail for quality flower is 4,000bht/ounce or more in Thailand.

    (so a friend tells me)

    yeah I'd say more ..4,000 sounds really cheap to me ... i'd say 20,000 for top grade is not uncommon here, but of course it depends who you know.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, sjbrownderby said:

    The course will achieve standardisation of the product and legal compliance. The tourists that are to be attracted are those who may benefit from cannabis therapies that are not available or financially prohibitive in their own countries. Try stepping out from under that dark cloud sometime. 

    It sounds to me like you are an investor and dont really know anything about cannabis. Your rose tinted spectacles will get stepped on. They are promoting hemp and not medicinal cannabis which is a waste of time and money

  3. 8 hours ago, pedro01 said:

    Hemp? Is that like Skunk? 

    don't know if that is a serious question or sarcasm but i'm sure many won't know .... atleast in UK, skunk became a common term for indica sativa hybrids(strong pot) in the mid-late 80's. Skunk #1 which along with Northern Lights and Haze were the first hybrids to hit the uk from Amsterdam (I think they all were originally developed in the US though).  After that any stinky weed became known as skunk. Of course the media made it out to be some evil brain damage strain. Anyway, "skunk" contains a decent ammout of THC and Hemp doesnt .

  4. you can smoke it , eat it or stick it up your backside .... until cannabis is removed from the narcotics list all are just a complete waste of time 


    EDIT ... a license for hemp 🙃 better check the wife isnt growing illegal roses

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  5. 4 hours ago, sjbrownderby said:

    So, it is your perception that is at fault here. The government programme which will allow the growth of cannabis will be strictly controlled. Growers will have to qualify by attending a course and having the proper facility for growing. The plants will be supplied from young plant stock specially bred for this purpose with less of the psychoactive content. Keeping it for personal medicinal use will not be allowed. This programme has been in planning for a number of years and it is hoped that cannabis therapy will be offered as an attraction for the tourist industry. So far a lot of money and time has gone into this but the pandemic has put things on the back burner somewhat. The strains of plants are being developed so that there will be consistency in the end product sold back to the supplying company. It will be then be further processed into products of medicinal value and supplied to clinics and other licenced facilities. 

    No, I dont think it is. Anyway the whole programme seems to have turned into somewhat of a joke and no tourist is going to be coming here for zero THC(CBD for that matter) sun leaf snacks even if they falsely advertise it as "ganja/channabis/marijuana".Glad I never invested in it!  A course to grow a plant is just another waste of time in my opinion. In the past, I grew for quite a few years and I would say like anything in life, you get better with experience, plus nowadays there is a mountain of information online. I don't see what a course will achieve, unless of course, you have to pay to go on it. My perception now is a massive opportunity is going to waste.

  6. 21 hours ago, jellydog said:

    Tuchel?! He's always reminded me of an extra from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He better be able to crack the whip, because that looks like the current problem at Chelsea to me.

    I hope he does'nt crack it too hard or he'll break our soft scoop ice cream midfield and forwards. You can throw some of the defenders in there aswell.

    Whoever was responsible for the summer signings should have been sacked along with Lamps as far as i'm concerned.  

  7. 5 hours ago, ChipButty said:

    All joking apart, Do the Chelsea fans want Tuchel? doesn't exactly set the world on fire even PSG <deleted> ed him off, PSG didn't win the league they bought it

    I don't particulary want him, they are banging on about his record but I'm not convinced but I guess time will tell. Better than Benitez though, I had to stop watching us last time he was in charge. Might be unpopular, but If I had a choice it would have been Rodgers, unfortunately, not going to happen.

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  8. 9 minutes ago, sjbrownderby said:

    There was never any such announcement. Perhaps that was your perception. If so then you are wrong.

    can't be bothered to find it but marijuana was Anutin's gift to the people back around 2018

    EDIT : not everyone could smoke it but each househould would be allowed to grow 6 plants and either use it medicinally or sell it to the gov for $$$$ dollars per plant. 

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