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  1. you should not be staying with someone who does not comply with Thailand's rules about foreigners and gives excuses about taxes etc. the 'this is Thailand' excuse or 'I am a poor Thai person'. not just immigration, you yourself should also be concerned.
  2. another mystery solved. why would putting a tank outside make any sense? something I had heard a few years ago and it stuck as a mystery until now. I guess. you know, given that absolutely no one does that. all the other "mysteries" from various farlang... fellow farlang... I have solved. for this one, because they are scared of an explosion. what that has to do with the tank.... I still don't know but don't need to now. two other stand out favorites, I think are very funny, along this same line are "no one speaks Gahm Mueang" in "Chiangmai" (meaning the "weahaungh", not the province). and "Thai don't really believe because they never go into the temple". as for the language thing, it was from someone who "fluently speaks Thai" but can't even hit any non-English 'dt' or 'p' and 'b' sounds or vowel lengths at all and...... refers to the "local people" as often times "switching", when they talk to each other, into a "hard version of Pasa Thai". aha! and very funny. as for temples, this is a dude who rarely gets going before 6 AM and you can easily figure by then, unless you are a special guest you won't even find a spot to sit down after 6AM so yeah everyone else, especially folks arriving a lot later have to stay outside. and going or not going into the temple doesn't have anything to do with it anyways. how do you keep a eye on the gas hose and connections if the tank is outside anyways? and what good does it do if you leave the gas on anyways? the tank is super safe. and as for leaving the gas on my goodness.... that is something everyone checks more than once before leaving the kitchen even if no one used the stove at all. one of those habits. I've never seen anyone not do so, nor a tank kept outside.
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