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  1. It is best to go to your bank of choice and get the facts........all you get here is opinions, some are correct but most repeat what they have heard and it is rarely accurate. If u go to the bank, you can be sure what you are doing.
  2. Why does everyone make such a mystery out of this? i think it’s only the people that are here on a shoestring and don’t have the money that whine and complain about it. To me it’s crazy.........they won’t put money in the bank but have the money and time to leave the country and play all kinds of games to avoid it. I have complied with it for 13 yrs and never had a problem
  3. Constant annoying airplane noise. It is the glude path when landing. myself.... I could never live there
  4. 60 road deaths a day here in Thailand and 86% of them are from motorbike. I rode here 13 yrs without a scratch until Oct 26 when 59 yo thai lady pulled out in front of me. I am out of pocket 550,000 bhat after 2 surgeries. Police put her at fault. I told her I would take 50% and call it a day. of course she says NO MONEY. I told her give me at least 3000 a month, she said no money. Police yelled at her YOU CAUSED THIS ACCIDENT, you better FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO, if you go to court and tell judge no money...,, you are going to jail. Waiting for the court date
  5. I dont know why so many losers with no means of support even come here. once a week someone is jumping off z high floor in Pattaya. dont complain about monetary requirements for a Visa, in some cases, they are doing you a favor
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