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  1. Using an Agent now is not a good route, if immigration ask to see your funds what do you do, Panic, if they ask to see my book using this method they see 65,000 per month no problem.? I have to add I am doing the Marriage visa route as I have 45,000 into my account every month, this was a suggestion to help others, as many people have said I am not doing anything Illegal I am doing what is required as can many other people, the main reason why i suggested it was for us people who cant afford to have 400,000 Baht sat in a bank doing nothing here, this a way of getting what you want LEGALLY. It if Far Far more legal than using an agent. On the question of Income, as long as you transfer 65,000 per month from overseas they don't care how you got it some people say it has to be a pension, why, what about the people who rent their houses as income are you telling me these people will be excluded. A good video to watch is Kev in Thailand there is a place in Thailand for Cheap Charlies. Or do the Elite who stay here want Thailand all to themselves. Thank you all for your reply's.
  2. I read with delight the reply' on this post, I have complied with the rules enforced, what I need to show and what I need to live on are two different things, yes their would be costs involved with this method, show me a way where you have no costs, we all have to live with the necessary evil of bank transfers Agents, you now run the risk of inspection of your bank account, how would you explain that? Thailand does not do Free. i love this country its rules regulations, Thailand will always belong to Thailand. The U.K. Belongs to every other country but England, The USA is owned by China, Russia. We all come here for a better life, I have got that here dispite the new imposed rules, My glass is always half full.
  3. Thanks for your Comment, I have lived here in Thailand 6 years now, I have not broken any rules i have complied with every request the Immigration requires over this 6 year period. Circumstances have changed, my Embassy stooped verifying my income from the UK My income was over 800,000 per year, its up to me how much I need to live on so I only drew 45,000 Baht per month. But now my situation is that I need to show 65,000 per month as do many others, my way does not break any rules, its not cheating the system, i'm not going via an agent it complies with what they require. I have decided to go the Marriage visa way, a much harder way than my Retirement visa because I comply with what they want an income of 44,000 Baht per month. I was told i needed to show this every month. The Immigration have been more than fair with me I asked what they needed and still they turned me down, giving me another 60 days to get what I needed. which is a reasonable amount of time to achieve this. Follow the rules of this Country it's their Country not yours.
  4. My Friend who had two payment within the year totaling 975,000 was told they needed to see 65,000 per month to obtain the extension. I am not trying to do something wrong here, I have complied with the regulations already laid down, I do not need 65,000 per month so why put it into a Thai bank. Thank you for your comments.
  5. Sorry I am new to this putting comments on Thai Visa, but I think I may of come up with a Solution to the Visa Problem. Please watch my You Tube Link. I would like to hear any comments if you have any. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT8DqSqULZM
  6. A clever way and legal way to avoid putting the 800,000 into a bank and an easy and Legal way to put 65,000 baht per month into your Thai bank.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT8DqSqULZM
  7. A Clever and easy way to solve the problem of the 65,000 a month and not having the 800,000 in the bank. Check this
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