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  1. Dtac is working abroad where I am now. In a previous country it wasn't at all and I couldn't receive sms from my bank because of this. There're 2 android apps, which one should I use to receive sms if I'm again in a country where dtac doesn't work? is it "dtac" or "dtac call"? Will I have to active an app somehow via mobile internet of my dtac simcard for receiving sms?
  2. Wrong. The last time a female officer took my passport and sent me to an officer to a room for answering his questions. And one time at the border with Cambodia it was a female too.
  3. I once ordered one item. In a few days someone called me - no "hello", no nothing: "Where are you?" "I'm at tuk-tom" In 1-2 minutes I discovered that it was a thai guy who brought me my order to my hotel.
  4. Most users won't notice anything -- even when it's up, it's a peace of shit, not working sometimes.
  5. Totally. I lived in Phuket. Every day, for about a month, I went to the same 7-11 and bought some small items, nuts or something like that. And everyday the same stuff members put it me a <deleted> plastic bag. Sometimes I asked them "why?" The looked at each other not understanding neither what "why" means in in English, nor what the hell I'm unhappy about at all. Each time I returned that <deleted> bag back to them. And the next time it'd happen all over again.
  6. Correct. It may not, if it decides to check your onward ticket. I wouldn't get a cheap ticket somewhere, why throw away money? Some airlines allow you to book a ticket, without paying for it, which you can then print out with the status "confirmed". That booking lasts 1-3 days - enough time to present it before it expires.
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