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  1. I can understand the BiB busting in on a drug party and arresting the perps but I can’t for the life of me see them raiding a private party and busting folks for having a head job while others cheer them on! What’s the immigration crime here? Having a “Job” without a WP? Someone with good staying power “overstaying”, I’m baffled. BJ you need to go get a life.
  2. Factor in the rip off theivery, con artistry, conniving Island mafia and under cover gangsters, corrupt BiB/officialdom, not to mention many of the opposite gender waiting to prey on naive farang men mis-judging the “come on” smiles as welcoming friendliness, get feet under table and pay heavy price, with all of these somewhat intangibles, Thailand is not as rosy as some of the other countries in the survey. Sorry to be negative to those obviously happy in the LoS, not intended to take away from your good luck, but there are costable dangers that need factoring when doing the DD on this subject.
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