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  1. HI everyone. I will be retiring (hopefully) to Thailand in December 2022. I am a UK citizen, and my UK state pension will become due in May 2024. But I have looked at the UK state pension claim form https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-claiming-a-state-pension-if-you-retire-abroad, and I can't answer all the questions! It is asking for my full life history! I can't answer most of it! I don't know/remember the exact address where I was born! I can't remember every address I ever had in the UK! I can't give employment details of every employment I ever had in the UK or abroad, with staff number! I need help! How did you fill out that form, to get your UK state pension paid to a Thai bank? It is still a few years before I retire to Thailand, but I want answers? The simple question is how to get your legal entitlement to your UK state pension, if you cannot give your full life history to the DWP! I don't know my address in the UK where I was born! But that is a required field on the UK state pension application form! All my UK addresses where I have ever lived in, with dates? I don't know/can't remember! Every employer I have ever had, with full address and employee number? I don't know! Impossible to fill in that form! Marriages and divorces, with original forms also? But that is what the UK pension claim form asks for! So how do I get my legal UK state pension, when I cannot give my full life history?
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