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  1. Yes there is some way to go , & this headline is irrelevant to state at this moment?? I would still consider Gold for core investment over the next few years, I expect the dollar will be devalued next year & maybe gold re-evaluated the following year. There is simply too much debt 97% of US GDP & this is a clear argument of failure of Central Banking System, the major institutions have yet to re-uptake invest in Gold , once this happens next year it will move beyond 2500USD/oz
  2. Phoney indeed, in fact in many citizens eyes he is a WAR Criminal & A British Swamp Politician ,along with the Bush Crime Family
  3. I guess this is the start to convince the Thai citizens & globalist institutions, banks that they are implementing the control requirements for the Chinese Communist party & UN , ie STV Tourists if you believe this is a temporary arrangement, get in line sheeple ,its here to stay , unless...you value freedom?
  4. Unusual press release , as if it was an appeal to calm the citizens , using the WHO backflip statement that lockdowns are harmful.... Evidence is clear Lockdowns are damaging Evidence is clear , Masks do not protect Evidence is clear people are getting angry Evidence is clear , manslaughter charges for the accountable should be implemented
  5. Oh dear , I see rather than trying to restore the country's economy & opening up, he is embracing the Globalists reimagining the Countries tourism industry, advocating digital technology no doubt suited to his own agenda Pathetique & disrespectful , open up , even WHO are indicating no more lockdowns or masks
  6. So in destroying the Economy because of COVID Great Reset Agenda they have no plan to rebuild it Thailands Oligarchs so out of touch
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