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  1. Watch a Thai when they're presented with a restaurant bill. They go through it item by item, with no qualms about taking their time and asking for clarification on specific items as the waiter/waitress stands there. Just saying.
  2. and you, a mere paying customer - and a foreigner at that, committed the cardinal sin by querying the sudden price difference, thereby suggesting that she; the manageress, with all her associated status, was either flagrantly ripping you off or had made an error. The audacity! Probably in full view of an underling, as well! With nowhere to hide and thus be passive, she had to front it out aggressively. That's what they're on about - passive aggressive behaviour. Forget customer service, fair trade, repeat custom, word of mouth advertising, honesty, etc., and all those quaint western business values. It's all about the tired old ''loss of face'' trope. Do it the Japanese way - tell all your mates about the woman/place and vow never to go back.
  3. Years since I've used counter service inside a Thai bank and yesterday I suddenly remembered one of the reasons why. Cash advance on a VISA debit card. Passport, ok. Then she asks me to sign a photocopy of my passport and (on the same A4 sheet) copies of both sides of the debit card, including the three digit CVV code! When I politely queried the need for that, it was straight into the usual officialdom and over compensatory aggression. Always amusing to watch the lightning fast switch from smiles and servility to open hostility, even at such a banal level of transaction. I smiled, and set about obliterating the CVV code. But really, with the debit card number, personal details from my passport, signatures all over the place they're not going to have the CVV number into the bargain. Bangkok Bank, by the way.
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