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  1. isn't it ironic that criminals will get tested and vaccinated before my GF, who is a Thai FDA testing lab manager?
  2. haven't heard so many people infected in the restaurants, and yet, all restaurants are closed. how many examples they need to close all markets?
  3. why not throw human rights group a bone, since he done a runner anyways
  4. i can't believe it, but i agree. any private import of the product intended to be sold should be taxed. unless it's distributed for free, which is not a case here
  5. Thailand do not need so many hotels anyways, there is no way tourist numbers will ever be the same as before. not just in thailand
  6. not going to happen, however giving away surplus to other country, while forgetting your own taxpayers is propostorous
  7. i replaced 2 AC last year with new ones with inverters, as soon as started WFH, 30K investment already 50% paid back. Most of appliances in Thailand are more than 10 years old, poorly maintained and drain money out of your pocked faster than your Thai GF
  8. it's a magic how you print so much money and manage to keep baht so strong
  9. nice way to create another cluster, pack people on a 3rd floor with central air... would you ever learn?
  10. haven't seen any tourists eating off those stalls before. there are plenty of nice restaurants there offering cleaner and tastier options
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