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  1. I'm not complaining. I have the money, but will not be bringing it into Thailand, based on principle, and economic rational. I was on the income method, and no, I didn't lie about my income. So, I will be leaving Thailand. I started this thread to gain updated information on the "allowed" frequency and duration of the use of tourist visas, as I wish visit Thailand as often, and for as long as possible, these visas allow me to do so.
  2. Thanks UJ. This was the one I was thinking of, but also thought about the possibility of hitching a ride with a boatie. So, these marine boarder crossings are friendly boarders, like the land boarders. I think I will try this one time.
  3. In the past, I had done many visa runs. Initially, a minivan driver saw a few hundred baht from me, taking me to and from the airport, but towards the end, I joined some other expats who had cars, and jumped a lift to the airport with them, in lieu of buying them some drinks on the visa run. So the minivan driver ended up seeing no money from me on a visa run. I flew with a non Thai owned airline, so no real profits from my visa run there, but Thailand collected some airport tax from me. I stayed in a hotel for a few nights in a city in a nearby country, they made some money from me. I ate three meals a day in restaurants, and some drinks at night, with coffees in cafes in between, so hospitality venues made some money out of me. I would do a little shopping by day, and picked up the odd item that was cheap outside Thailand, so I can assure you I was always good for 2 bottles of wine outside Thailand, plus the odd small electronic item, or similar. Usually, the other guys would play golf. Taxis around the city, by day and by night, and to and from the airport, would do ok out of my visa run. The Thai consulate saw some visa application money out of me, as per usual. Whilst in a different city / country, I checked out some places of interest for tourists. Eg. museums etc, so they made some money out of me. I worked it out one time, roughly, that a country competing with Thailand for tourists made a lot more money from my forced visa run than Thailand did forcing on the visa run. As you say, wouldn't it be more profitable for someone to present themselves at immigration, every 90 days, and pay, say, 10,000 baht for another 90 days? It's not just about the 10,000 baht, but the three to four days that Thailand loses in consumption from forcing thousands of foreigners to leave Thailand everyday. On top of all of this, if you force a customer to your competitor, they just might like what the competition is offering, and move.
  4. I think there will be a problem in the future as word spreads of good boarder crossings and bad boarder crossings that people will go "boarder shopping." Eventually, the good boarders will be overcrowded and will either have huge queues, or purposely tighten up to discourage so many people from using that crossing. Does anyone have any information on entering by boat? Maybe entering on a yacht. Never done it before.
  5. The beach vendors here are angry now when you refuse a massage, and the jet ski people always put on a good show when robbing tourists.
  6. For sure I will miss Thailand, but i will not miss the crazy visa system in Thailand. What are your first impressions?
  7. But at least it's not sewage like here. Right?
  8. This is my plan, and from what I read, and from the people I speak with, it is a common plan.
  9. You do know they are refusing to issue visas to many people, and have changed the retirement visa requirements, don't you? Soon, you will see people that have been living here for years on retirement visas, moving onto tourist visas, which they may not be issued, and if issued, still may not be allowed entry into Thailand. What would be your advice be to these people?
  10. I take your point, but the problem is, the Thai consulate or embassy in your home country issues you a visa, so you think all is ok, then you land in Thailand, where you could be denied entry for staying in Thailand too long on tourist visas. This is the dilemma many face, as there is no official policy addressing the frequency and duration in which one can use tourist visas.
  11. Good reply JT. Yes, it is concerning for many. After reading some other threads, my situation pales into insignificance, compared to others. It must be causing a lot of stress for those with a family here. I mean, some serious sleepless nights, not to mention the pressure it must put on a relationship. I must admit, initially, I thought it was the usual anti farang pre election rhetoric, but these visa changes appear to be backed up with genuine enforcement, so the problem for many is real, very real. Once again, this is why I started this thread, for genuine and up to date information on the process, not for scare mongering. Unfortunately, it's a process that many might find themselves going through in the future, including myself.
  12. I also think the situation will get worse, but not just for the visa laws themselves. External influences like exchange rates will effect many, come retirement visa renewal time, particularly Brit's, with the Brexit. I think it's also possible other Embassies may stop issuing proof of income letters. As time ticks by, those who can no longer qualify for the visa they had been using in the past, will probably move to tourist visas, and I think this is where the system will be strained to a point where we may see a major announcement. I think this may also be the case with the O-A visa. For the record, such predictions and opinions are not scare mongering. They are based on many in the expat population taking the path of least resistance and affordability, which is human nature. We are already seeing many reports of people being refused visas, and people being denied entry. These people will go away and tray again later, on top of the people coming off retirement visas and moving onto tourist visas. In my opinion, there will be a snow ball effect. i expect Thailand's tourism figures to soar this year. The best one in this situation can do is be prepared, which also includes exploring another place to live for a while.
  13. I have only started two threads, and I started them to ask questions for my own circumstances, which is also the circumstances of thousands of other people. They are based on the acceptable frequency and duration of tourist visas, and should you be denied entry for the use of a tourist visa, the detention process, which is this thread. I am not bashing Thailand, just critical of the visa laws, which surely you would have to agree that "boarder shopping" is a ridiculous situation. How long before certain consulates and boarders are overwhelmed? We are seeing this now with a 2 week wait for one consulate. I am also critical of no official policy on how many visa exempt stamps, and how many tourist visas one can have in year. Do you think this would end a lot of people's concerns? I am also critical of the fact that what is ok for one immigration officer, is not ok for another officer, and you are detained. Once again, no uniformity, and individual interpretation of visa laws. It shouldn't be a lottery at a boarder. I'm not as worried as the next person may be. Someone with a family and property would be more concerned than me. My concerns, and their concerns, are real, and is not based on rumor, or fake news. It seems strange that you think gaining more knowledge in preparation for worse case scenario is a thread designed to cause worry. Why shouldn't people be prepared for the worse? For me, with the knowledge I have gained from this thread, I loaded the apps from a few different airlines on my phone, and I plan to print out some available flights out of Thailand for the day I intend to enter, back to the country I flew in from. I have also visited a storage place and asked about their prices and process, and have spoken to a friend who is willing to help me should I be refused a tourist visa, or denied entry to Thailand. I have also spoken to my Landlord, and explained the situation, and introduced them to my friend, and informed them to give my friend access. Do you think I do this to cause worry, or to be well prepared? Isn't it you that directed me to a thread started by a person who was detained? How can you say this thread was only started to cause worry? People are being refused visas, or detained, in greater numbers, and more regularly now, and in my opinion, we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg now. It's real, and people have genuine concerns about it. As for seeking attention, you're joking, right? Why should I move on anywhere. I have started two legitimate threads asking for information about my circumstances, and that of thousands of others. You don't have to read them, so what's the point of attacking me?
  14. Yes, an utterly ridiculous situation. It really makes Thailand a laughing stock. Anyway, no point complaining about it, just be prepared for the worse, and that's why I started this thread.
  15. Why doesn't your son's step mother just make a phone call and have an Elite Visa printed up for him?
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