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  1. But if you get it right first time you do yourself out of a job and jobs for your family in the future, mess it up first time then continue again and again, there is no strategic plan, send these planners to Europe to see what can be done with a little out of the box thinking and ALL monies going to the project, ALL monies.
  2. Get Thai in the air again and offer government organised packaged holidays, 14 days in a government hotel full board, evening entertainment and no need to leave the hotel, all internal transport inc
  3. Agreed time will sort overseas visitors you wont temp them with offers when there is no transport, look at your own people make holidays affordable to locals whilst you wait for the world to open, and be in far more control of a second or third spike risk.
  4. Well who would have thought that in a modern society
  5. The issue i have with the social distancing is leaving a 1 or 2 metre social distancing gap as requested allows thai's to queue jump, happened yesterday in a Macdonalds and the staff started to take her order when they clearly saw her jump the Q, i soon put pay to that, some are rude some are stupid but the server should have put her to the back of the Q.
  6. And on beach road it would be hop on hop off, would work a treat, loads of concrete again what is it with concrete concrete concrete
  7. They got it spot on for KK, big storm and as usual a boat would have been the preferred choice rather than the car.
  8. Did you sterilise phone after, she touch's many in the day i think, i went into macdonalds and they didn't bother.
  9. Ha ha ha but i cant have a foot massage, not so much in it for the few i think
  10. It had a technical problem the wheels wouldn't come down, why land it on populated area, try a belly flop at the airport would seem a bit more sense, or as i assume more to the technical difficulty than has been reported.
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