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  1. I know a thai or two that if the vendor tried that on them they would sit her on her ass no iff's or but's guaranteed, should the vendor think this is not the case , try it on an Issan girl
  2. They were Excited to get the tourists back in , this case will prove the saying 1 step forward 3 steps back, Europe is suffering again and each reported case in Los will be flashed across the internet faster than Anutin can deliver the Pills
  3. Typical Isuzu with a load in the back with big wheels no exhaust and no brain and total contempt for any other mortal soul, other wise known as a t-sser
  4. A truly brilliant idea, airport to golf course daily swabs for 14 days what could go wrong, the idea is sound its the execution that will be lacking.
  5. Can the island cope with the influx extra traffic that a bridge would surely generate?
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