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  1. Ubonjoe, i sit with a retirement for several years living in the same house and think i am not needed to notify for an out of province jolly.
  2. Dreamers nothing but dreamers, but to keep there salary pension etc a stupid idea now and then that is swallowed by the gullible is the order of the day, and they wonder why the students.
  3. Do you not get locked in quarantine when you test positive for Covid, who said she did anything wrong?
  4. That will add to the excitement especially if a lady boy shouts thankyou
  5. I will keep thinking and if i come up with the ideal solution i will share it from the Bangkok Hilton.
  6. Agreed a lot but disagree a bit, a relative in the Uk was emergency admitted to hospital in June for a stomach issue, and nobody was more surprised than him when he was whisked off to an isolation ward with Covid, no symptoms whatsoever.
  7. To keep it looking and smelling fresh it needs u daily "flush"
  8. From the goings on to date they were people here doing a job CIA or ex CIA they wont sent her back, with our gvmnt also benefiting from he or they being in the country any noise is a smokescreen
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