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  1. 17 hours ago, Nigan said:

    Hello everyone,,

    I've always bee curious as to what people consider to have the most strict immigration barriers for people, Id also appreciate Appvalley CyberGhost  ExpressVPN examples of the hardships you'd encounter if you were to try. Also feel like this can help people get a sense of scale for people who might have these countries in mind.

    Thank you my issue has been solved,.....

  2. 17 hours ago, jacko45k said:

    Other than it would actually be an Extension based on marriage not retirement that is correct. There are quite a few hoops to dance through though.

    If you get a retirement ovo.fyi/xvideos/ ovo.fyi/xnxx/  ovo.fyi/chaturbate/ Extension based on deposited money obviously income proof is not an issue. But at the moment income proof is required to be a Thai bank letter and statements showing deposits into a Thai bank from overseas. Whether HMRCs tax statements are acceptable is uncertain, but edging on unlikely.


    Thank you my issue has been solved.....

  3. Hello everyone,,

    I must apologise for bothering you over this but an acquaintance of an acquaintance assures him that as he is married he need only show 400,000 baht to apply for his retirement extension and that this has always been the case..

    He further attests that if you earn sufficient to meet income requirements and are a UK taxpayer, by merely printing off your annual tax statement from HMRC’s website, this document alone is sufficient for Thai Immigration.

    If you have the time, your take on both of these would be very much appreciated. 

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