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  1. You have contradicted yourself. Sure. Care to put forward a scenario of what it may look like, when it eventually happens? What are they. Do you have a link? Why is that? You've criticized me, and others, for putting forward ideas, not as facts, but as possibilities, whilst calling for facts only to be posted, when there are no facts available. Do you have some links to some facts, even media reports, about the vaccination of foreigners here?
  2. That can not remain the case forever. At some stage they will have to address the issue of non Thai's being vaccinated here. Would you care to put forward a scenario of what that might look like?
  3. They have had months and months. The farang vaccination issue was always going to have to be addressed. Of course eventually a decision will be made. I put forward one scenario of what it may look like. Do you have a possible scenario? You criticize members and call for them to stick to the facts, but the fact is, there are no facts. To date, there has been no government decision, nor press releases.
  4. Correct, but please don't offer any theories or predictions. It's best to stick to no news.
  5. I never said it was reported that immigration offices will be used to vaccinate foreigners. I am simply suggesting it may be possible. I find it hard to believe foreigners will simply be told to get in line at the stadium with Thai's. If you think that will be the case, I'm happy to hear your reasoning. By your own admission, there's been no news about anything related to foreigners getting vaccinated. Therefore, facts are in short supply, and most of this thread is opinion, speculation, prediction, and hypothesis, of which we are all entitled to our own.
  6. Before I was living here permanently, I got a bank account and drivers licence on a tourist visa. I got the certificate of residence by showing my short term lease, and paying 300 baht, of course. Pre covid, a friend came here on a tourist visa, walked into a bank and put his passport and around 100,000 baht on the desk and asked to open a bank account. No problem.
  7. So you think farang will be just making their way to the stadium along with Thai's, is this correct? This very well could be the case, but I suspect it will not be that easy for farang.
  8. Since when does the Thai government care about farang's travel issues? Next 90 day report at immigration you will also be vaccinated. Don't show up and mail it in, you won't be vaccinated, but we offered you the chance and if you die it's your own fault. Simple. Do you think the Thai government cares about those that post? Wake up.
  9. I wasn't. Have you noticed the lack of information forthcoming from the Thai government about vaccinations for foreigners? I've never suggested foreigners will not be vaccinated here, I just suspect it will not be as simple as getting on the queue with the Thai's.
  10. You missed the part about being vaccinated on the next 90 day report, which would be at the immigration office. As I said, away from public view, as in, not at a stadium alongside the Thai's. Also, this would ensure the vaccine is slowly metered out to foreigners, rather than one big rush.
  11. Tourists can open a bank account. A tourist can get a 2 year driving licence, just not a 5 year driving licence, which I believe is the only thing an expat with a retirement visa can do that a tourists can not do. I did say, "other than stay longer than 30 days."
  12. Your personal attack is wasted on me. Why do you think it's implausible? The tourist areas have thousands of farang. Not a good look to the Thai's to see farang vaccinated before them. Maybe farang will be vaccinated away from public view.
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