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  1. I didn't make an estimate, just posted of my observations. I have, but don't claim to know everything about every village here, but refute that near all villages in Thailand have electric and tap water, because it's simply not true. Getting back on topic, I see you poll shows a high percentage of many that still like it here, but wish they would have done some things different. Maybe some of those members can post some examples.
  2. No argument from me. Just getting the facts straight. The family in those houses have a farang. According to some, living quarters like that don't exist in Thailand.
  3. Another theatrical production so some Thai elites can justify they high paid positions without ever doing anything.
  4. Was thinking the same. Set up another business, strip the assets / cash out of the business that is debt laden, send it broke, default on the debt, continue operations next week, under a different business name.
  5. Insurance is the first bill people stop paying in harsh times, electric is the last.
  6. I would think not, otherwise, hundreds of thousands of expats, from all around the world, would already have PR.
  7. No need. I have no interest in either. I have no financial, business, or emotional ties here. This is by choice, and suits Thailand's visa system quite well.
  8. That photo does raise a good point, BMT. I see electric poles in the photo, which means it is available, but that doesn't mean people in those huts can afford it. That said, I have been through many villages with no electric poles. Electric simply didn't exist in these places, therefore, was not a part of their lifestyle.
  9. There's one BIG reason why they can't, and it's lack of infrastructure here. Do you think the Thai government cares about these Thai's living in poverty? Yet, here you are, stating a young Thai lady wouldn't enjoy things like electricity, air conditioning, a fridge, a TV, a hot shower etc, even if she has to be a prostitute in Pattaya, and maybe go with a farang to Germany, to keep enjoying such luxuries that we take for granted. You really are showing your naivete on this topic.
  10. A lot more than two trips. Many trips, some on a road / trail bike. No, the huts were living quarters, not a lunch room. Little kids playing out the front, with the chickens running around.
  11. Perhaps many members here have different definitions of what a "village" in Thailand is. What you describe, is what I call "a village" and I have stopped at many. I remember having a similar conversation with a friend who I visited in a "town" outside of Udon Thani. He kept referring to the place as his wife's "village" but I told him this is not a village, you are living in a small Thai town, and that town had electric, tap water, and phone line, which could also carry internet. He built a house there with such comforts as air conditioning etc installe
  12. How many villages have you been to? All Thai villages are not created equal. Perhaps what you call "a village" is in fact a small town. Whilst I haven't done a road trip through remote villages here in a few years, I doubt much has changed. The "huts" I saw had no electric and no plumbing. I saw a disabled guy chained by the leg under a tree in one village, a sight I shall never forget. How close is that one for you for village life? Yet, here you are, posting how a young lady coming from such a village would not appreciate even basic western standar
  13. This is what Thailand's direct competition is doing. I would have thought a similar press release from Thailand would have been pertinent. https://vietnamnews.vn/society/886300/vns-health-ministry-details-covid-19-vaccine-rollout-plan-lists-priority-groups-to-receive-the-shots.html
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