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  1. OP, the 1 year visa gives you no more rights than a tourists entering Thailand for their first time on a 30 day visa exemption stamp. You could be married here, have 2 kids, a business that employs Thai staff, a house, a car etc, but you have no more rights than a tourists entering for their first time on a 30 day exemption stamp. What does that tell you about the stability a 1 year visa offers here? Indeed, this matter was raised some time ago in a different thread, and after some debate, it was agreed that the only thing a 1 year visa gives you over a 30 day visa exe
  2. There are accents or dialects in Thailand. I am sure she would be able to pick them. Sometimes it's not what you see, but what you hear.
  3. Somchai who distils the lao khao has no idea of its true alcohol content. Indeed, maybe he was intoxicated when making a batch, which can lead to blindness, and other side effects, if drinking it.
  4. In difficult economic times, Thai women will become pregnant in an attempt to secure their ATM.
  5. No. Thai's just want money. No matter the colour of the skin who comes here to spend it.
  6. What is he going to do if she doesn't wake up one day, or crashes the motorbike, and leaves everything to the kids?
  7. I disagree. With the aid of government subsidiaries, Pattaya is attracting high end domestic Thai tourists.
  8. Question is, would the Thai government stop it from failing? Would the Thai government even care about it? It's a military government. Perhaps it's safe outside of Thailand and not betting on Thai banks and the Thai government. Yes, it is a gamble. You are betting on Thai banks and the Thai government with your money.
  9. I am not Thai bashing. It's pure data analysis and then opinion. No need to take it personally. 1997 was 23 years ago. Why do you say 1997 was worse? We ae nowhere near the end of the financial fall out from Covid, globally, and within Thailand. Do you have any data that suggests 1997 will be worse than the Covid crisis?
  10. If a Thai bank/s fail, it's not just farang that lose, it's every account holder of the bank, including Thai's. Just because she is Thai, and in Thailand, is no protection from losing the funds.
  11. HSBC in Thailand will most likely be able to open for you a Singapore bank account. No need for you to go to Singapore, but I do not know this for sure. I know it was possible some time ago. If you can't move the bulk of your funds to your home country, given your home country is a safe haven in the current global circumstances, Singapore is a good option. Why ask when is the time to act, and then say you want your money to remain in Thailand? Makes no sense. The whole idea of acting is to get your money out of Thailand.
  12. Did you think I was talking about selling a neckless? of course I was talking about "billions" of baht or dollars. I used the "baht's" term to describe how many 100 baht's would be in a BIG trade of gold. Once again, how many 100 baht's would there be in the trade of 1 ton of gold?
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