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  1. So it's 500 baht now, and people here laugh at Communist countries.
  2. Can you see the Thai government offering a "bailout" to a Thai bank, because they are deemed "too big to fail?" I doubt it. Nooooo, what the Thai government would do is change the visa laws to ensure foreigners must bring more money into the Thai banking system.
  3. No, that's a photo of the queue at the voting booth as Thai's wait to be paid their 200 baht to vote for a certain party.
  4. Seriously, why don't you start the "Thailand Is Perfect" thread. You can post all you like about Thailand's positives, and forget about all Thaland's negatives. This thread, however, is pointing out some negatives, and yes, Thailand has some negatives, both for individuals, and for as a group. To discuss Thailand's negatives doesn't make you anti-Thai, and even if someone was anti-Thai, so what? It's the internet, this is an open forum. As long as someone doesn't breach forum rules, or breach Thailand's computer crimes act, they can speak negatively of Thailand's politics, policies, laws etc etc. Feel free to debate such negatives, but don't make it personal toward a member because they no longer think "Thailand is Perfect." None of us are Thai citizens, and never will be. You could be in Thailand for 20 years, with a house, car, wife, business, and kids, and as a foreigner, you have no more rights than the the first time tourists coming to Thailand on a 30 day visa exempt stamp. You make it sound like you would fight with Thailand in a war against your own country. i simply don't buy it.
  5. Why should someone from a stable western country move 20 grand of their retirement funds to an unstable third world country, that will only pay them 1.5% interest, and then they can't even spend their 20 grand? I have a reasonable amount of money in the bank, just not a Thai bank, and I will not be manipulated by a bunch of muppets in Bangkok into a poor financial decision, just so I can say, "I live in Thailand" which, incidentally, is fast losing its bragging rights.
  6. I don't get that sense from your posts. You have a lot of skin in the game here, and it shows in your posts. The pro-Thailand club is not what it used to be. Many are now waking up to Thailand's motives for tolerating foreigners here.
  7. Perhaps you could ask your economic advisor what they think about investing 800k baht at 1.5% interest.
  8. No disrespect, but you sound like you probably have sunk a lot of money, time, and emotion into Thailand, and you are staring at a decline in business, and a collapsing housing market, due to forces you can not control. You say you don't like "anti Thai" people, but really, I get the sense you have too much skin in the game here, so all you do is criticize those that are contemplating moving on to greener pastures, not that I expect you to acknowledge they may be greener pastures outside Thailand. It's actually you that is anti everything other than Thailand. You don't appear subjective at all. If you are happy in Thailand, I am happy for you, but why criticize others for exploring their options elsewhere?
  9. Have you considered another country nearby? With the visa changes a lot of people are talking about going home, but there's no need to. Nearby countries are offering a similar lifestyle to Thailand, but with a lot less BS for foreigners.
  10. The problem isn't if you leave Thailand. The problem is if you want to stay in Thailand. The 800k and 400k are held hostage, so you can get a little sticker in your passport.
  11. Goes to show how Thailand is taking the p*ss with their visa system.
  12. How was your wife's family supporting themselves before you married? Why can't they continue to support themselves in the same manner, after your marriage? In many circles, what you are describing is what's known as, "the redistribution of your wealth."
  13. You do have a choice. I am exercising my choice. I am leaving. I don't see much difference between getting scammed by a bar girl, or getting scammed by the Thai government.
  14. You make an interesting point in so far as you mention you scrambled to get the 800k on it's way, so you could remain here. I do not wish to ask of your personal finances, but at what figure would you say enough is enough and look at leaving. i ask this to other readers as well. My question isn't about what can you afford. My question is about what amount of money would you not be prepared to pay to remain here? Eg. 1million, 1.5 million.
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