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  1. Leaver

    Tony's Gym

    I think you need to research how HIV is contracted. You can not get it from the sweat of an infected person, yes, these gyms are dirty and run down.
  2. I have no problem with someone buying a bar like this, if it's just a hobby for them and a place for them to socialize, albeit, an expensive and unhealthy hobby. If they buy it just to have something to do every day, or for some fun, then fine. For those that think a 16 seat brick and tin roof bar, open only between 6pm and 2am, with rent somewhere from 30k to 50k baht a month, then other overheads on top, is going to break even, or make a profit, then as another member said, they have more money then sense.
  3. I'm not in the market for a credit card here. As another member said, between having the same amount locked away as security, then fees and interest for using the bank's money instead of your own, only to pay the card off with your own money, defeats the purpose. Although, as another member mentioned, they can be good for promotions, and I accept that, but I wouldn't call a new kitchen part of a regular spending pattern. I have a question about the security. Many own property here. Can your property secure the small amount you have on a credit card, or it must be cash?
  4. Obviously, you have to have flights operating in order to kick start your tourism industry. It will be interesting to see what the airlines are charging, on any and all routes, when they take to the air again. Hopefully, airfares will not be cost prohibitive for tourists.
  5. I think this issue is something we are going to see more of in the near future. In the past, wealthy Thai landlords could afford to have their commercial properties vacant for some time, whilst holding out for the next dreamer to start up a lease that was designed to fail from the outset. Those dreamers were decreasing in numbers, rapidly, along with the shrinking western tourism market. Do Thai landlords negotiate, or do Thai landlords evict? Do Thai landlords try to retain their current tenant, or possibly see them move to another property where the rent is more favorable? Some tenants may stay put, regardless. Some tenants will just hand back the keys. Some tenants will seek a better deal out of necessity and / or good business practice. Some of our favorite bars and restaurants may still be operating after the virus crisis has passed, albeit, some may be at a different location.
  6. Yes, the "story" that will be blamed on the virus, but was happening slowly anyway.
  7. Don't hold your breath. Many will be making plans to profit of the situation.
  8. I would think the logical progression would be, domestic tourism, regional tourism, then international tourism. For regional and international tourism, they will probably be selective to start with.
  9. I don't think there is a never ending supply of donated food. I haven't seen it, but I would not be surprised if the amount of people in the queue outnumbers the amount of food parcels, and many are turned away, before anyone can rejoin the queue.
  10. I never said Retox is closing down. Retox is for sale, and I posted the link. However, if one of the most popular sports bars in Pattaya, if not the most popular, wants out, then that's a sign of the times.
  11. I think LK Metro is an example of that. It was nothing until some bar owners made a small enclave of gogo bars and girly bars, and then the crowd followed and it became a busy place.
  12. Really? You've never seen Thai's beating their dogs, and mistreating their farm animals?
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