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  1. A friend of mine lived in his own place here and still got one of these bills, but it was for less than 10 years. He had to pay it. Ouch!!!!
  2. Makes you wonder how the Indian tailor and restaurant touts manage to stay here, when westerners are denied entry.
  3. Often it's a good thing, unhealthy stuff seems to have high tax such as wine and get fat quick farang food If a tourist destination wants to attract higher end tourists, alcohol abuse is not really an issue. Alcohol is cheaper in Vietnam, and not just beer, also for top shelf spirits and wine. Some of this is simply because the cost of living is cheaper in Vietnam, but in many cases, Vietnam has less taxes on alcohol.
  4. Good idea, and do a 360 degrees video pan so we can see the dead bar complex across the road.
  5. See those open windows in the photo. Perhaps that's why he was up there in the first place. Ignore him, and would you like this guy climbing through the window of your place?
  6. So, we have some photos of customer in the restaurants in T21. How many shops, not restaurants, with no customers in them at all, did you walk past on the way to taking these photos???? But T21 must be busy because there are some people eating in some restaurants.
  7. Common in all tourist areas throughout Thailand.
  8. It certainly is not common practice where I come from. Rents are reviewed and increased in line with market rents and inflation, not an amount at the whim of the landlord. Can't you see the incentive for a greedy Thai landlord to increase the rent to an amount he knows will cause the contract / lease to fail, then find a new tenant and pocket key money again? Does key money exist in western countries? I don't think so.
  9. Posting photos of a low cost, therefore popular, restaurant in Central Pattaya does not show Pattaya is busy. Perhaps some of these customers have left The Tin Cup Cafe and now eat at Kiss. After all, it was YOU who said prices increased at The Tin Cup, and it's quiet there now. So, you admit, one place is now quiet, yet post photos of a cheap and busy restaurant and then sarcastically state how busy Pattaya is. So, which one is it, busy or quiet? If you say busy, why isn't The Tin Cup Cafe continuing to be busy, as it has been in the past???? When you took these photos, did you look across the road at the beer bar complex? I bet you did. Why no photo of that complex, if Pattaya is so busy???? Reason is, it was absolutely devoid of customers, but hey, a cheap place is busy, while many other places are dead, including another well known cheap place, being The Tin Cup Cafe, and Pattaya must be busy. Right?
  10. It's not the root of all closures, but it has been known to be the cause of many, over the years. In the past, Thai landlords could easily find another tenant, but I don't think it will be so easy now. It will be interesting to see if Thai landlords are more reasonable with tenants in the future.
  11. A lot of male tourists get a tailor made suit done. What about a tailor made evening dress for her to take back, or if she is still working, maybe some tailor made corporate clothing?
  12. Leaver

    New hotel

    What is your definition of new? Do you want to go to the blessing ceremony and be the first customer to ever stay in a hotel room, or is a 1 year old hotel still new for you?
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