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  1. Rule is unambiguous, clear, and firm as of 31St of this month the royal police order shown on Integrity Legal utube today. I won't attempt to decipher it, but encourage you to go listen to our US attorney friend, and download the official order from the immigration website. I did, and a <deleted> like me understood it lol lol.
  2. What Russian hookers lol lol ... no prostitution in LOS ! especially the world class resort.
  3. areas around Da Nang are beaut, beachers are good, even some waves of sorts occasionally, sea air, sea breeze
  4. I agree with Mr Ruffalo irrespective of his lifestyle and profession. I don't disagree with Mss Degeneres either (not that my opinion of either of them is worth a fig). The architects of the war, a war that my country was eagerly and illegally [no declaration of war was made against the nation of Iraq by us prior to attacking them] taken into by Mr Howard (sycophant) (and the crimes that Mt Ruffalo speaks to) were contrived through, abject grief, reactive shock, fear, rage, jingoism, plain out and out greed, deceit and avarice. If one was to consider one perspective of Mr Bush, then Bush has been described as an easily led, grasping fool, who could be and was easily manipulated by others around him for their personal gain. Messrs Chaney (made hundreds of millions out of the war personally), Rumsfeld (two of his alleged puppeteers), along with a 'good Christian woman' Rice, and Powel. God bless democracy huh!
  5. Oh well there goes more opportunities to serve the people they are all elected to serve .... infantile, deceitful, self serving bar stewards .... Let's play; nah nah na nah nah.
  6. A walking advertisement that says; 'Drugs are bad, very bad for you'
  7. Alcohol and firearms a terrible recipe for tragedy ... a person out fir the evening has died, very sad
  8. Hollywood is full of butt kissers at every level. Gotta watch what you say and maybe one day a job might come along from Martin or whoever so gotta play your ego driven cards right ! So bl..dy boring and pretentious a lot.
  9. If you lived in Texas the solution to a woman that don't do as ya all say would be swift and final pardner.
  10. If she can;tr pay the fine they levy on her at immigration right there and then she will be refused permission to board the plane ... simple as that. Two years overstay! No sympathy from me.
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