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  1. Vaccines vaccines and vaccinate ... got to get to that sweetspot of 70% + ... everyone ... eventually, so these damned mutations can be starved of hosts. Plz the gods the govt get this together FAST before this thing goes south. We all know what a devastating thing this ‘situation’ has been already for Thais, and so many others. We can all help this by using our falang privilege, paying the bucks out and getting vaccinated so we can share our yummy new antibodies with others and thereby make them immune too.
  2. Terrible terrible news. RIP dear innocent young ones Their poor mother how must she feel.
  3. Hey I'm an Aussie and I don't take offence to that remark !!!! LOL. I slept many a time under trees, next to my car, on very salubrious seats, up against walls, in gutters of the highest order.
  4. Sleep like a baby thank you Early to bed early to rise. I do have Buddhist do-nothing days too and I have plenty of free time. It's amazing (to me ongoing) when I don't procrastinate and live in my head how productive my life can be.
  5. Buy lavender oil, leave fridge open - turn off if you are concerned about the cost of bleeding money for hours. Pull out all the shelves etc and wipe down. Wipe the fridge out with the oil, It absorbs any smell it comes in contact with and I mean anything. Great for toilets too - mix a teaspoon in a 1 litre spray bottle with water, shake and spray up high so the vapour falls after using the loo. Doesn't disguise but actually absorbs and converts the odours. Oh! It's also an antiseptic too so kills germs at the same time. If you've got sickly, upset, or sleep-difficult kids it's great to wipe a
  6. Golf, gym, boxing, gardening -veggies and ornamentals (orchids now which is great to discover in more depth), swimming, surfing both here and O/S, writing the occasional profession article, enjoying my beautiful villa, women, cooking, guests and a damn good Aussie style BBQ, cooking, cycling, sailing occasionally, travelling, astronomy/star gazing with my awesome super powerful telescope, making wooden toys for orphanages - rocking horses coming along nicely
  7. Canyon is a nice walk. Price reasonable especially as a mid-week player. Decent quality caddies and amenities. Interesting and 'a thinking course' to play well I find as a lowish handicap player ... FOUR!
  8. About 2.5 mill Bht, some of which is used to fly out for holidays too so maybe 1.7 mill in-country.
  9. Great she won ... but damn she makes her rounds really hard work sometimes with play that defies even hacker belief.
  10. get an iphone ... hey presto no f-print problemo's
  11. This dudes been watching too many Die Hard movies me-thinks. "Save us, Marines, landing in the grounds of the US Embassy." Deary me. Here's a suggestion why don't you wander down to Bumrungradgrad with a bit of cash in your pocket and quietly ask to see a doctor behind closed doors. I'd venture a vaccine would be produced asap if you did.
  12. Right on Rooster. I laugh at the long posts negating your comments, experiences, attitudes and observations. I agree with you almost entirely.white privileged attitudes don't fly here at all. What appears to be the barrier for some to be able to live here without grabbing a whinge opportunity at almost any turn is perhaps, perhaps their habitual unconscious need to project a white privileged/superiority attitude onto another culture and how they reel at finding that they and their inherent white privilege doesn't fly here and is openingly met with a self-confidence, push-back by Thai's that tr
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