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  1. Shamelessness abounds in today’s world ... internet beggars ... sorry she’s sick but pay your own bills !
  2. H Right on hansi ... stop making others, in this case women, responsible for male thinking and choices of behaviour. crap thinking mate!
  3. Sad to see a young person die so violently. To try to break up fights is dangerous stuff. Brave to intervene even if ordered to do so. RIP young man
  4. maybe talk some more with sammie after his post. I have had a fair bit of experience in Oz with asbestos in many forms in houses, not commercial buildings. It takes a a few fibres only to start the process of killing you or someone else down the track. The way we were trained to remove was this: Do not listen to people here who use words like "smash" asbestos. It must be done (as sammie said) with mist spray to keep all of it moist so fibres are not released, or minimised to the smallest percentile (this wetting down process is best done by two people one with a large decent flow rate pump spray or a mains water hose with trigger nozzle setup with the other person designated as the remover ... Absolute MINIMUM DISTURBANCE of sheeting must be your priority throughout with controlled removal informing every step of your work. i.e. Lever away sheets carefully at fixing points NEVER bash and shatter sheets if at all possible but if sheets break apply spray the break line and edges as they break IMMEDIATELY to 'flatten' down any silicate fibres. Controlled cracking of sheets into manageable pieces is safe if done slowly in the breaking and cracking process, with sufficient moisture applied as sheets are cracked, removed and pieces immediately bagged or carefully placed onto builders plastic sheeting for later wrapping. Wear disposable hazmat suits before entering contaminated area (carefully take off and dispose of same into bags AFTER LEAVING the work area. If you use builders plastic wrapping sheeting to lay and seal asbestos pieces into) make up manageable sized 'packets' of pieces of asbestos fold edges of plastic over and seal with duct tape or equivalent ... seal all seams well so no dust can 'puff' out when moving loads for disposal. Wear high quality respirator mask (with CORRECT FILTERS) up until the point of asbestos removal from site (if done by a contractor). You MUST ensure with as much care that these bags or packets won't break open during handling and transport. Make sure waste material is disposed of at designated asbestos treatment facility. DO NOT remove respirator until completely clear of work area ... removed hazmat suits and shoe coverings FIRST (and disposed of into bag) ... wash yourself down (hair included) THEN remove mask and dispose of filters and thoroughly wash the mask and dry before refitting with new filters for next use. Use new disposable hazmat suits each day you work. Remove clothing at each working days end and place into small bag, then gently, carefully into washing machine, and if wanting to be really careful reuse machine after emptying with a new wash cycle to flush washing machine through with completely fresh water. This removal and cleanup process while detailed and time consuming, is both recommended and mandatory in Oz. Follow this and you'll be safe as the house will be after removal and re-sheeting and sealing is done and cleanup is completed.
  5. Right on’ leave the leaf and stem material on the ground after cutting it up. monoculture is terribly damaging to the ecosystems, despite the benefits touted. crop diversity and rotation is proven to support healthier soils and higher yields. The waste vegetable material helps reduce run of during rains, and soil migration, and supplies slow nutrient return through composting. encourages microbial and worm activity. the phosphorous from the ash is only a small nutrient boost to the next seasons planting anyways!
  6. Upgrade to higher tier seating ... pay the gap, stop wining and shut up !
  7. If these are the boats in question then it depends who was on what side of the other boat, as to who gives way. i.e. a boat approaching from your starboard side has right of way. if under sail The rules are universal and still apply. if a boat is not underway either by sail or motor then the rule still applies, but given the boat underway/ under some form of power other than drift has inherently more control it is usually assumed they are to take steps to avoid the drifting vessel. like the road all driver/steerers of boats must take all precaution to avoid collision. if adrift then this vessel skipper should be signalling to other vessels before possible collision takes place I.e. drifting into moored vessels, wVe like hell n yell or use radio too. excessive speed, of course, when contradicting local or national waterway laws can affect application of such starboard and port side approach rules e.g. a jet ski loosing control and plowing into a boat behaving in a sensible manner and on a sensible course would get busted for it. so says an old salty sea dog.
  8. Back to a wall if poss ! Don’t stand or sit still not for a second guard up. what a crappy thing to do in a hospital. Selfish immature toads.
  9. Not so! I can meet either and or both requirements. 800k is a simpler process when extending that’s the main benefit I see.
  10. We have a community based clean up in Oz. its everywhere n everything !!! not just easy to stroll on beaches n the public is really behind it each year. its called Cleanup Australia Day started by one man! Ian Keirnan blessing upon your memory n spirit Ian. if you don’t like the state of where you live then get up n do something about it. Stop waiting for someone else to do it.
  11. Right on ! At all cost stay off roads. As is so often necessary when having to walk on them exercise extreme caution!!!!
  12. Imprisonment as a common ordinary man with all other serious capitol crime convicted. No special treatment or privileges! the buying of, and turning away from taking into custody, charging and prosecuting such people is woeful and a stain on The Kingdom. The reported statement where he is quoted as saying he “remembers nothing” could (if he ain’t lying) indicate an alcohol induced blackout this could be argued as negating intent i.e. to risk harm to self or others. Such blackouts can see a person e.g. drive, talk, facilitate a university lecture, a dinner party, indeed carry out all manner of activities and remember none of what has passed. if this rich fella was truly in an alcohol induced blackout then it is absolutely possible he could indeed remember none of his actions. I agree with you as far as your expressing very strong unwavering penalties around drink driving need to be entrained and enforced.. To date lawful then judicial response in LOS to such crimes have not reflected the seriousness of such actions.
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