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  1. poor little things. Frigin scum leaving them there. Maybe if there truly is karma then the low lives that left these creatures there will themselves reincarnate ads some small animal and be treated in the same way.
  2. Ummm. World class pedant here .... It's 'zebra' not Cebra unless your referring to some car model in the background somewhere lol
  3. Awww .... but I seem to remember when I was younger and so was she, it was so sexy when Katherine Deneuve smoked ... LOL
  4. The assumption that flights will begin again in the next few months is predicated on no upsurge in infections, hospitalisations, and deaths in Thailand will occur. This of course is completely unknown. Regardless of what the Australian Border Force (Immigration) say if Thailand is 'border-closed' then what Australia allows is irrelevant as far as entry to the Kingdom is concerned.
  5. Correct ... Phuket still can't get in except for essential services, i.e. very specific and absolutely necessary travel. E.G. The manager of our condo complex despite being the boss of our place, usually residing here for 2 to 3 weeks out of 4 was refused entry to the island about 10 days ago. He's Thai too.
  6. I read such disclosures after severe isolation for almost 2 months in England, I then think of discussions about opening, areas of congregation like churches, malls, BTS's, railways, buses, cross county travel, land air and sea borders around the world, I then start to think about the tiny numbers of tests administered to ascertain who has this thing, then I start to think about a second wave of this thing.
  7. Very responsible to report voluntarily and be tested. But, to be travelling into the country at all and bringing this virus with him during highly restricted travel seems to highlight risky practices by this man and those who allowed him to travel. Imagine what might have happened if he had travelled as he did, and did not report for testing but went about his business without said check?! Let's see how many of the people he was in contact with have contracted Covid. If a a cluster develops from this man then there definitely goes June to open the island, if a cluster develops then welcome back the roadblocks in the tambon's of Surin amd Bang Tao and and maybe July, August and beyond before we are allowed to leave the island!
  8. Ahh its not at all good practice to simply dig up pipes without knowing what they do. Assuming a pipe in the ground in inert and not in-service and can simply be ripped out with an excavator is a recipe for nasty messy expensive remedial civil works.
  9. Not the primary reason, but one of the considerations why I only fly business class. Why? Because you don't come across the trailer-trash that frequents economy class. Pay the extra and you'll never regret it
  10. Yep your right, and accurate in your comment ! Remember the cluster that came out of Lumpini a whole back !
  11. Free aircon for a few hours to break to monotony of no aircon in poor homes. To vicariously escape the reality of their imprisoned, impoverished lives.
  12. Here’s an imagining about the smog. Create along the neighbours across the borders a combined national parks division. Get some old jets, covert to water bombers. Build a network of fire watch towers across the northwest (similar to those used in the US), man them with national parks officers. Report any fires immediately they are noticed. If a permit is not recorded as given waterbomb the fires there and then. Ban seasonal burning outright and support farmers field clearing with a collective of excavators and hand tilling machinery to manage fields, also managed, maintained, and operated by national parks employees.
  13. On another hydrological note: our condo pool is now open (Tuesday) has an order - governor generated, that we are allowed access for a maximum of 1 hour a day as a single person or cohabiting pairs at separate times to our condo private pool each day. We are required to sign, date, and allocated time of usage of the pool on a forma. We were all told that government officials will check these forms periodically to make sure residents comply.
  14. Straight from an honest news feed expat in Phuket: Surin and Bang Tao beaches still closed - I personally went and checked at 8 a.m. this morning. Barriers still in place as before forbidding under penalty of heavy fines or jail for passing through any barrier and venturing onto the beach.
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