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  1. "Millions of illegals" .... rubbish! As for the kids they aren't beings separated from their parents, they are being held with family and if without parents with other families to be checked (medically as well as other social checks) and decided as to eligibility for settlement. None of them are having, as was deliberately done by the racist elements of control in the Trump camp's of not having records of parents kept in order to act-out the racist, dehumanising policies of the Republican Party and Trump regime against them. Oh and lets not forget the stellar policers of how dozens of wom
  2. Remove tiles (beyond where you think the crack is), inspect carefully. Loom for: Is the crack wider at one end than the other? Is there a further hairline fracture progressing from the open easily visible crack? If so then i would find the best European pool builder you can and get him to inspect and advise. If you have a larger problem e.i structural integrity of the pool being compromised, rather than the pool-apron cracking the upper wall of the pool because the apron wasn't supported properly (less of a problem to fix). If the problem is not just the top apron area but in th
  3. Tailors are relatively cheap ... why don't you find one and get your clothes made to order? That's what I do. Most decent tailors will source specific patterns and materials for you. I have a couple I use for different things in BKK, and I'm told I always look good and have a good dress sense, fashionable but not swept by ridiculous trends. You can get some cheap, short lived casual shirts and other clothes online too. Zara has some great and very well priced stuff for sure! Massimo Dutti makes some nice stuff for reasonable prices, and I have found their clothes to wear well a
  4. A great cushy job for anyone. Beautiful surroundings and if you like golf and play too what a great lurk for a caddie.
  5. You can buy dog deterrent torches that emit a nasty sound not unlike that which a taser makes. Dogs freak out at it ! ... it can be easily mounted on the handlebar right next to your finger to activate fast.
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