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  1. You don't have to have sides. You can have public policy that you agree or disagree with and reasonable people can disagree. Sides is what they are telling you you have to have to manipulate you. Sides! Think about it.... What if you just rejected the whole idea of sides? What would you be left with.
  2. http://drugstorebangkok.com/product/aspirin-325-mg-10s/ http://drugstorebangkok.com/contact-us/ However, they just told me it is out of stock until next week.
  3. Has anyone bought 250/500mg aspirin in Bangkok recently? Where? Thanks.
  4. Thinking of coming from Bangkok for a couple of days. How is the bus service to and from Ekamie station these days? Are they still running every half an hour? I used to buy two seats, but if they are running half empty I might only buy one. Are the baht buses still a reasonable way to get around or have they mostly stopped running? Thanks! Only positive comments please, think twice before you snark.
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