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  1. I used to buy these fake elephant skin wallets in tourist markets around Thailand. for 100-200 baht. Sometimes they had a picture of an elephant embossed on the front. Later they started marketing them on ebay as elephant hide patterned cow leather or something like that. Anyway it was a fine wallet for my purposes. I used to buy a few at a time and replace them when they got tattered. The last place I saw them for sale was a souvenir shop in Amarin Plaza now out of business. Anyone know a place still selling them? Thanks! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32342601569.html
  2. Heck, why not? Just for sh#ts and giggles.
  3. Funny. I actually tried to buy the 1790 baht Seagate at Big C Rajadamri today. Unfortunately they could not find the tool or key used to unlock the cord on the plastic box which was attached to the display shelf. So they came up with the idea that they were going to take the whole shelf off and take it to the cash register where I guess they had some magnetic tool. First they slammed all the plastic boxes down, literally forcefully knocked them over, to facilitate removing the shelf. Then they dropped all of the plastic boxes with the external drives onto the cashier'
  4. I'm pretty sure I bought it from the actual Seagate Thailand shop on Shopee. If not, with 7,000 5 star reviews and almost 20,000 sold, they earned my money for the complexity of their scam. https://shopee.co.th/seagate_th?categoryId=55&itemId=2309105008
  5. Well, I ordered this from the Seagate shop on Shoppee. Even though I well remember the soft pinging that told me my last Seagate had bit the dust. https://shopee.co.th/product/57641011/2309105008?smtt=0.237194283-1623054494.9
  6. Any suggestions for an external drive in the 2-3000 baht range. Speed and security are not really issues. Can I get a 3 or 4 TB drive in that price range? Thanks. I haven't had such good luck with Seagate. WD seems to have bad reviews....
  7. I would like to leave Bangkok for a month or so. Anyone know which province/island I can go to with no quarantine or Covid test? I prefer to fly but will take a bus. Thanks.
  8. They have an English website seemingly dedicated to explaining what a great consumer oriented company they are but they don't answer their phone, email, or Facebook messages. A simple question like are you going to deliver my order and when goes unanswered.
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