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  1. Thanks It looks good on Google Map! Hard to say what access and trafic are like during peak times.
  2. What is the bet BTS station now to get a taxi to and from the immigration office? Not the cheapest, just the most convenient. Thanks.
  3. http://pattayabus.com/V2/en/from-bangkok/
  4. http://pattayabus.com/V2/en/from-bangkok/ It says hourly from Ekamei starting 2 June. They just updated it yesterday.
  5. MO CHIT BUS STATION - PATTAYA DEPARTURE TIMES Buses schedule use from 5 June 2020 06.00 - 09.00 - 14.00 - 16.00 Mo chit 2 — Motorway — Pattaya (128 Bth) Mo chit 2 — Bangna-Trad Rd. (Toll way) — Pattaya (119 Bth)
  6. Thanks. Are they blocking off seats so nobody has anyone sitting next to them?
  7. I noticed that Bangkok Ekamai to Pattaya and back has a few buses running now according to their website. Is it possible now to just get on a bus from Bangkok and spend a day or two in Pattaya? I know there's no problem going to Bangkok but do you have to fill out forms etc when you enter Pattaya? Thanks. http://pattayabus.com/V2/en/from-bangkok/
  8. I know there are some other threads about this, but does anybody know exactly where to go in Bangkok to get a prescription and be given THC (not CBD) oil. I mean absolutely legal from the Thai government pharmaceutical dispensary and a legitimate prescription after an examination by a properly licensed medical or traditional practitioner. Thanks!
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