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  1. Does the OP work for the Chaing Mai tourism board? or are you just promoting Chaing Mai....FYI their were plenty of Kom Loy's all over Thailand dispight of the government banning. Pattaya beach was night sky was nothing but Kom Loy's not only Chaing Mai.
  2. I have lived in that area for years and go to Big C almost every day. These old timers that hang around the food court daily, majority live in those housing condo projects Nirun Condo down the streets from Big C, most are retired and been living here on a small pension from their home countries for years and like killing time by having get together's in the food court which.
  3. Just got back myself this past week from Savannakhet with a fresh new multiple Non O visa, same easy procedure as previous years went on a Tuesday, 20-25 people by 10:am. I did notice that they were scrutinizing and giving people a much harder time then one year ago since I was there for those who are applying tourist visa and some Non O applicants as there was a older Japanese guy in front of me that was holding the line up for twenty minutes who was applying for a multiple Non O visa based on marriage to a Thai. He was getting grilled with questions as they did not give him the visa because he was retired and they wanted to see a letter from his embassy that he was retired?. He pleaded with them showing them the Thai marriage cert and the rest of the required documents, he has a daughter with his wife and had the certificate. They wanted to see his bank book which he showed them but at the end they couldint do much to help him without that letter from his embassy. So he left and it was my turn thinking <deleted> did they change the rules all of a sudden. Nope same as before the lady at the desk glanced at the copied documents and the origanil marriage cert, asked for 5,000 bht and handed me a ticket to pick up visa next day. All less then a minute so dont know maybe they are just picking certain nationalities who are retired and giving them a hard time asking them for that embassy document.
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