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  1. Wow! A least someone figured it out. Any policy that the government made only benefits them — nothing for down line people. The more insane policies they come up with, the more people there are that don’t want to come here; not only during this pandemic but in the future as well. I guess soon the tourism industry will be RIP here.

  2. Wow! Amazing! Within this short period of time!? I was wondering how this could be possible unless this was all set up earlier before the outbreak.

    It has been 17 years after the SARS outbreak and 7 years after the MERS outbreak and there is still no vaccine for them. The scientists are cracking their heads to look for solutions. Most of the politicians claim that there will be a vaccine for COVID-19 but I don’t think there will be one available soon, as developing a vaccine isn’t a simple process.

    14 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

    First to be vaccinated with the new drug will be vulnerable groups such as medics treating Covid-19 patients, as well as the elderly and children.

    From my knowledge, vulnerable patients should be the last people to test the vaccine. They would be most likely prone to the virus (in case you didn’t know, vaccines include weak samples of that virus. Suppose their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight even that virus! They would be infected. That’s why people get sick after the vaccine!)

    I was wondering, maybe this vaccine is local-made? Because recently other articles claim that Thailand tested the local-made vaccine on monkeys, which proved to be a success!

    I would rather wait and see what the side effects of the vaccine is going to be before getting one.

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