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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I think I will try for a 60 day in Saigon, with a CM re-entry VE + Mai Sai as a back up. We also want to slightly stagger our renewal dates, to avoid Christmas, so we need to go out of the country to do this.
  2. Yes, of course, I’d temporarily forgotten that I could extend a VE entry. That’s a back up plan, thank you. Would prefer a 60+30 option if possible however.
  3. I am a UK citizen with a 60 day tourist SETV visa issued in London. This is the second 60 day SETV I've had this calendar year, with a break of 3 months between the two. I have extended both here in Chiang Mai. I'm now just in my final 30 days. I'd like to stay until the end of January, and was planning to exit the country to get a 60 day tourist visa from a nearby embassy at the end of this thirty days, then extending that in due course. Given the recent issues with refusals of multiple tourist visas, what's my best strategy? Which embassy would be best to try - I was thinking of KL, with a back up Penang or Singapore? Or would it be better to just hop in and out (by air) three times, relying on 30 day VE exempt for re-entry? Any advice appreciated.
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