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  1. Buy a new Samsung fan then go back to the Sangsom with your mates.....!
  2. This is getting confusing. Why didn’t he pick Squat. I think old Diddly is a great guy!
  3. The girl in the window of the mobile phone, in the above picture. Isn’t that the one who was accused of teaching bad English pronunciation?!
  4. That is exactly what I am saying. Low Covid numbers here. Hence, I would rather be here (which I am) than in Europe and USA. Much better to have restrictions and the slow release of 5hose restrictions. .Comprende? I hope you are now safe in California.
  5. I agree, not a lot of testing but we would know by now via facebook etc if the numbers were huge. Plus judging by the whinging going on about apps, hand gel, masks, everything over the top blah blah. Hospitals are not busy (personal experience). So yes, I tend to agree that the numbers are a hell of a lot less than Europe and USA. Yours Truly Dipstick.
  6. The reason for the additional sign in at each shop is, if someone has Covid-19, they can trace the persons movement and only contact those who have been in the same shops at similar times. Otherwise they would have to contact everyone who entered the mall.
  7. Well done Thailand. Wouldn’t want to be in Europe or USA at the moment.
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