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  1. Thanks to all for the information. It appears that I will be good to go with my FD account. however, it would appear I have a very low interest rate with Krunthai at 1.1% over 24 month cheers
  2. Sorry, title should read a FD not TD although I am unsure of the difference 🥺 <EDIT by Crossy - Fixed the topic title>
  3. I am with KrungThai bank and I am debating whether or not to place 800k in a fixed deposit (FD) as proof of funds for my retirement extension. The main reason would be to earn a small amount of interest plus the ease of use at the IO as the bank statement would only show the deposit with no withdrawals. If required, I would have immediate access to the funds but I would lose the bonus interest. If this was acceptable to the IO then it would not matter what the balance of my day to day account would be. Could someone tell me if this is a viable option. IO would be Jomtien, Thanks.
  4. No argument there. I empathise with you and also families with pushchairs. However, if you are not happy then go somewhere else with a more modern infrastructure.
  5. As always, so many negative posts from the usual negative posters!
  6. Not really a classic disease of smokers. A lot of the time it is caused by leakage of bile (acid) from the gut which inflames the oesophagus. Also commonly known as Barrett’s Oesophagus.
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