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  1. Terminal 21 toilets in Pattaya have the Japanese type with buttons for hot/cold, jets strength - weak mid or strong and a dryer too. First time I see this in a public loo. I was in there for hours reading my book 5555
  2. Take a drive out to Map prachan Lake for Sunday lunch. The Siam Country Club also do a nice lunch with a view over the 18th green. Take a trip down to Rayong for a looksee. The coast walk from Pratumnak to Jomtien is nice. Ruenthai is a great Thai restaurant (2nd Rd, near the Avenue shopping centre) with traditional thai dancers.
  3. Hi, I am already in Thailand with the stamp until 30 Sep 2019. Ubonjoe has set my mind at rest. Next Sept I am out of here for 6 months then back again with a new O-A plus the HI of course if it is a requirement. Cheers
  4. Why is that so unbelievable. 18 million tourists arrived in Singapore where that population is only 5 million.
  5. My O-A visa expires on 1 Nov. I have just returned from Australia (2 Oct) and the new stamp in my passport states that I am admitted until 30 Sept 2020. So, as I understand it, this is now the extension or permission to stay until this time. Given that the visa expires on 1 Nov 2019, are there any immigration requirements that I need to be aware of, other than my 90 day reporting? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. I like to think that some of my posts make others smile or occasionally laugh. I also find the forum is full of interesting facts. Definitely no better place for info on visas, immigration etc. Criticism is all part and parcel of a forum. Everyone has their own view which can be expressed. But what really gets me low are the comments that are way below the belt, i.e. calling authorities morons or idiots. There is no need for these abusive comments. Other than that all is cool as a cucumber. (Where does that saying come from anyway?)
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