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  1. BMW services are normally affordable if you buy the car from new. I bought mine in 2007, travelled 80,000km, 3 services at 25k intervals at a total cost of under a AUD$1000. Trouble is the cost of tyres and battery both of which I purchased during this time. Battery AUD$700 and full set tyres AUD$1,900....ouch.
  2. So they say not a bad bar
  3. This is true and PC will issue a certificate to produce to the IO at the time of your extension application. As long as the policy meets the minimum 400k/40k requirements, they will disregard the deductable. I confirmed this yesterday.
  4. Sorry TQ’s I think is stands for Tahesian Queen??
  5. Could be TJ’s close to Soi 12 on Beach Rd. they have a wooden counter at the front. Good bar, good music. been there years.
  6. I remember when a beer was 1 shillin’ a pint, and wake up 1 hour before I went to sleep, worked down t’pit 23 hrs a day, got home to a shoebox and had to lick road clean wit tongue. You try tellin’ that to today’s youth...hic hic
  7. Worked at Sattahip on and off for 5 years, then lived here 4/4 on/off for a couple of years. So I guess I know a few people here. But, funny you should mention, I will be moving in Dec once my lease expires. Cheers
  8. Unfortunately it wouldn’t sell very well. Man takes early retirement, obtains a long stay visa and moves to Pattaya. The End.
  9. I have to be honest...no I wasn't. I was there until 5am. Always the best time. Especially Ibar with 20 or so mates. Cheers mucker
  10. OK. Too many tourist experts around. Ask me any questions to prove I am here full time. Otherwise, <deleted>.
  11. Wrong??? lol. I have been here the last 384 nights. I live here. Short time tourists only get a snapshot.
  12. Nothing wrong at all. Posters here just like to spin the negative. Most of the felangs in the pic can't be seen because they are in the bars supporting tourism.
  13. Thanks for the info. I didnt know they were around Thailand. They are around the North coast of Australia and they have bottles of vinegar adjacent to warning signs to pour on the wound and neutralise the sting. It works well. I speak from painful experience...ouch. Cheers
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