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  1. Ah OK, Grab is a food delivery company. I always hold onto my valuables when I see one of these green bikes!?!
  2. Early morning walk has improved without the numerous coaches dropping the Chinese off for a parachute ride.
  3. Not sure Vicbkk, other than that you have been sucked into a time zone. Try to log out of TV and then log in again.
  4. OK economic sector people, we got a water shortage in Thailand. Lets vote to extend Songkran so we can waste even more water. Yes, unanimous vote.
  5. Tourism Director: OK everyone, I have convened this meeting to come up with intuitive ideas to boost tourism in the Pattaya region. Anyone? Office Waller: We could remove all the power boats to an area at Bali Hai and regulate the jetskis. Tourism Director: Don’t be ridiculous man. Anyone else? Tourism Supervisor: We can upgrade the sanitation to prevent the flow of any raw sewage into the ocean, which would make it perfect for swimming. Laughter around the table. Tourism Director: Er yes, we could, but we won’t ha ha ha. Anyone else? Tourism Manager: We could put on a marching band down Beach Road. Stunned silence. Tourism Director: Promote that man!
  6. It is thought that the items came from a beauty clinic or regular clinic. ———— Hmmm, I think I may cancel my beauty appointment.
  7. He said he was not a Korat shooting copycat. He was just angry with his "naa" (a relative that is either an aunt or an uncle) who would not lend him their motorcycle to collect wood. Oh no, me not copycat, I always shoot off 40 rounds if I can’t borrow the bike! Durrr.
  8. I think this will be the International Pride Parade.
  9. Normal for most ages. May be best to have your eyes checked for your own peace of mind. Only need to worry if you see a floater whilst swimming
  10. A vinyl board produced by immigration listed his age as 48. Where would we be without the good old vinyl board!
  11. I thought the metal zimmer frame may have interfered with the smart car signals!
  12. Because Thailand doesn't want the ageing Western alcoholic in a family friendly environment. Isn't Buakhao a White Lotus Blossom. Not very apt when you see the wife beaters, shorts and flip flops being worn
  13. It is a flowered ceramic dish. And there is some brown stuff in it innit!
  14. One appeared to be straddling the other among the frangipani and other ornamental flowers. Now colloquially named, farangipani!
  15. The next time you get the urge, maybe you could inform me where in Australia your wife is?
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