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  1. Hard to keep finding the words isn't it...another idiot steals 2 lives before they even start...how can he live with himself?
  2. Essex Reject


    I know how you feel. It also don't help when your laundry lady loses half of your clothes!
  3. I asked if you have to go to the branch where you opened your account?
  4. Ooooh, I have more money than you. 800k is NOT a lot of money, so not sure why it's important how it may be used. What return would you get elsewhere on such a small amount?
  5. Cheers. So once approved can I send money from my Thai account to them and then they send onto my UK bank? I beleive that's how it works?
  6. As above, the Uk isn't currently listed on their site in the 15 countries, but seems to be an error. Does one have to open an account in a branch to get the ball rolling or can it be done online?
  7. You posted the ink to the page where it says clearly on the right in bold letters that you can send money to 15 countries from Thailand and you're asking where it is?? If on the drop down menu if the UK missing it due to error then that makes sense. You are making a big thing out of what bank in the UK, I bank with Lloyds and to be honest if they have 40 banks I really think that will cover pretty much everyone, don't you?
  8. Have a look, on the FAQ's it says you can send money to 17 countries which includes the UK in the list, but on their main page it says can send money to 15 countries, and when clicking on 'get approved' on the drop down menu that asks to choose your 'country of transfer' the UK is not there.
  9. So you cannot send money to the UK from your phone, not listed as one of the countries?
  10. Essex Reject


    Why you asking fella?
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