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  1. I ended up with a fried charger cable in Bangkok last March. Just checked out these related headlines June 20, 2016
  2. Not an attack, but the quickest way to get this thread closed to further discussion is to help your friend get his affairs in order so that he can attend to the needs of his family. The "Go Fund Me" request to "put noses into his business" , triggered a large range of responses because of the missing information involved in his overstay. With justification the requested or needed amount could even be achieved in the form of a loan.
  3. The guys who engage in showboating usually forget to carry a life vest in case the boat turns over. Sorry if it hit too close to home.......
  4. I know it was not a question to me, but if he did not worry about what was ahead of him it seems to follow that he would remain just as selfish . Hate to be prejudiced towards his age but that guy looks a lot younger than many I would feel sorry for who paid their dues in life, eventually retired and then hit some sort of legal or financial brick wall "Through no fault of their own" . 11.5 years supporting his family ? This needs to be cleared up in his promised explanation . Right now it just sounds like the ticket ran out on the "Thailand" amusement park ride . This kid has to grow up. Both parents died and then he had troubles ? Not hard to imagine they were busting their a$$es supporting him and his family for the last 11 years. Someone talked about the parents estate. If there was anything that was not heavily mortgaged left behind , there would be no need for this Go Fund Me (while I have fun) charade. Too selfish to go to at least one funeral to pay his respects says a lot about this guy. Not a demon but definitely not a saint You can call me jealous or judgmental ,but the jewelry, the hair tint, and the slight smirk on his face says a lot about what he was really concerned about.
  5. Depending on the amount up to 10%, I think I would pony up the cash. Not to encourage this type of extortion but to guarantee that the perpetrator got a lot more than he bargained for.
  6. Kha ??? The dog might also try to hump his leg if OP pretends to be female.....
  7. And don't worry about 2 way mirrors.......The giggling sounds coming from upstairs are all just your imagination.
  8. This won't make you proud but as you say something needs to be done. A non lethal solution is to get a bowl of the hot peppers they sell in your area. Boil them down, strain the liquid through a cloth , put the liquid into a utility sprayer and keep it handy. There is a neighbor who seems to relish the fact that her tiny little dog goes after the young children and elderly (walking their dogs on a leash ) . Came onto my property to take a crap last night and then decided to show me who's boss.... After the spray the dog was trying to clean himself while whining and rolling in the grass . Those sprayers usually cost 60 to 100 baht. He saw me this morning but stayed across the street. They seem to get braver at night . (not related to your soi dog = no owner, but the neighbor came out and called her dog while giving me a dirty stare as if she had been watching the whole thing. Usually he follows people to the next block while they walk backwards.)
  9. And a lot of the time you'll never hear from them again until they have another problem to be solved. As said before you've received over 30 responses among your 3 listed posts. You've only responded once to one post on this entire forum. The better question is "Are new people just ignoring posts on this forum?" . Also be aware that unless a post gets a lot of responses it will probably drop from view in the popular Topic column . This means only the regular visitors to the area it was posted (who have an answer) will respond. That's why Moderator "Crossy " moved your post " " I'll move this to General where some answers may be available." "
  10. With all the Chinese running around he could have made a few baht selling them as a delicacy .
  11. Mandela Effect Named after the famous Nelson Mandela this conspiracy theory Is when a large group of people remember something being a certain way, but when people go back and look at it, it has changed or is gone in this universe with no reasoning other than "it's always been like that". ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Sounds like an accurate description of your situation. Thanks for the info. Please give us an update on your next visit if they make any new changes in policy. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mandela Effect
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