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  1. The problem is that by "allies" they mean the usual crop of Western European countries run by Neoliberal Globalists who are the very reason the current unfair trade agreements exist in the first place. You aren't going to accomplish anything by working with the Swamp. Trump has proven that more than anyone as any issue that he "worked with" the Establishment on was promptly sabotaged and subverted. Trade would have been no different. This is a policy issue where you needed somebody to just dive in and start brawling.
  2. There are two stories going on. Three, maybe. First, US is in a trade war with China right now so and with Chinese resisting making a deal, you can expect increasing pressure from the United States at all levels. Tariffs and Huawei are in this context just the opening blows of what is to come. Second, China beat US in race to 5G tech. US feels this is an important industry, and didn't want to lose the race, so even if there wasn't a Trade War, they'd still probably use their control of Europe and the Global Economic system to handicap Huawei because it is the only shot America has of catching up in 5G. Third, and this is just a contributing factor, is that Huawei has a long history of blatantly stealing tech and trade secrets from the West. So even though this is quite obviously a "dirty trick" on America's part, it is easy to justify by saying Huawei had it coming to them.
  3. Yeah, it looks like it was Austrian Intelligence (which is dominated by ÖVP) that ran a sting operation against FPÖ by getting their leader drunk and then filming him saying something stupid to some honeypot agent he was trying to sex. In other words, exact same politicization of domestic security forces to interfere in the Democratic Process that we saw in America last time. Dangerous trend, and doesn't really seem worth it. Yeah, ÖVP may gain a few seats at FPÖ's expense, but I don't see Kurz peeling off enough support that he'll be able to rule alone. He's going to have to form the same coalition and with FPÖ justifiably pissed off, they may have harsher demands for that cooperation than they did the first time around. Given that, I think it was more likely this was a concoction of the Deep State elements of ÖVP operating on their own rather than something orchestrated from above by Kurz. Which is probably how it happened in America too. I doubt Clapper or Brennan ran anything they were doing by Obama before hatching their scheme either.
  4. The bottom line is there simply isn't a majority in the SCOTUS to overturn at this time, so it is an ill timed law. My guess is Supreme Court refuses to even hear the case. Why would they? The Justices can count. If Ginsburg were to die things change, but to pass a law like this prior to her seat being replaced is simply dumb. And Trump is no dummy. Expect him to remain silent, the law to be struck down, and the Supreme Court to deny cert. Nothing whatsoever will come of this.
  5. Also, women actually poll stronger support in America for pro-life policies than men do, so if you really did just leave it up to the women it would not lead to the result he thinks it would
  6. He probably could if he were willing to transform it in to a populist nationalist party that could attract votes from the working class left and right. Question is whether he'd want to do that. Does he have it in him. Would he be willing to break fully with the Neoliberal crowd? I'm not sure Farage is that guy. Fact he retired after the first Brexit suggests to me he will just walk away once it is all done so Brexit will need another charismatic figure to emerge to orchestrate that transformation if it wants a long term future.
  7. It is sad. These are young and healthy men as well and don't seem to have anything better to do. So why not just walk? Follow the example of earlier compatriots like Roman von Ungern-Sternberg who achieved greatness via their daring and quest for adventure. Gather an army on your way home. Start liberating cities. Align with powerful radical Buddhist sects. Become warlords and living gods! Instead these guys are e-begging and probably posting about it to their social media accounts. Modernity is sapping the life force from our youth. Something needs to change.
  8. No, that is exactly the sort of ridiculous interpretation that we are talking about here. Obstruction means doing something nefarious, underhanded, or corrupt to impede an investigation. The head of the Executive Branch exercising his authority to shut an investigation he believes to be a politically motivated waste of time and money is not "obstruction". Do you think Obama would have put up with a prosecutor under his watch launching two years, 20 million dollar investigation of his birth certificate? Do you think it would have been "obstruction" if he had fired such an individual?
  9. Because Mueller adopted the extreme minority position (and in truth, batshyt crazy position) that mere objection to his investigation could constitute "obstruction". When Barr was brought in he in fact called Mueller out on this in private discussions and asked if Mueller had any evidence of real obstruction, which Mueller couldn't produce. There is no allegation of actual obstruction in the report. It is just a crackpot interpretation of "obstruction" that if actually adopted by the legal system, would mean that the current Democratic Leadership of the House are all committing obstruction against Barr himself! Fortunately for them, and for all of us, Barr believes in the traditional definition of obstruction and not Mueller's crazy take.
  10. There was no obstruction of Justice detailed in his report, nor is there any in these most recent Flynn claims. Obstruction of Justice is deleting files, or shredding papers, or bribing witnesses (or bleaching a server!). Objecting to an investigation that you think is politically motivated bullcrap is not "obstruction". There is simply no way shape or form that can be construed as "obstruction" and it flies in the face mainstream legal consensus. Think about it. If what Trump did is "obstruction" then what the Democrats are currently doing with respect to Barr would likewise be "obstruction", right? It is just silly. This thing was a hoax, the investigation proved it was a hoax, and the idea that the people who correctly labeled it a hoax from the beginning are somehow guilty of a crime for accurately calling it is just absurd.
  11. Orban has certainly been one of the most successful and competent leaders of Europe, but you have to bear in mind that the second most popular party in Hungary is Jobbik. So the political pressure Orban is constantly facing is to be better on securing the borders, to be better at protecting the rights and interests of Hungarians. The primary means by which Globalists wield influence in Hungary is via foreigner billionaires trying to meddle via NGOs, which Hungary has been quite successful at clamping down on. And Hungarian is such a difficult language to learn their media is far less affecting by Globalist control of International Mass Media. This is a far cry from the dynamic in most of Western Europe, where the Globalists wield tremendous formal political power via their control of many to most political parties themselves and their stranglehold over the media. For this reason, I think what Salvini is accomplishing in Italy is far more impressive than what Orban has done in Hungary. Salvini is orchestrating a European Reconquista of the Italian State.
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