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  1. OK, then not a surprise. People who are foolish enough not to respect Thai officials or law enforcement get what they deserve. I think people who believe the whole "land of smiles" story don't realize what a fine line we all walk.
  2. The interesting thing about shielding everyone from the virus is that natural immunity will be low. I am not an advocate of sacrifice of lives for herd immunity or the might Baht, however, this is a concern. The USA has an estimated 53 million people who have had the virus and have some degree of immunity. That number is increasing dramatically. This will help make it unnecessary to vaccinate every single person in the country in order to contain the virus and dramatically lower the R value. In Thailand, if they had a major outbreak, it will run right through. Is it only a matter o
  3. I watch videos on YouTube that are shot outside some of the big nightclub/dance joints in BKK. People are openly vaping up a storm outside of these places. Meanwhile, Farang who get caught with e-cigs are in for a world of hurt. Didn't a woman get deported for having one? It appears that these things are very common and are openly used - just not by Farang. I'm glad the authorities have done such a good job protecting foreigners.
  4. Interesting. If they were to shorten the quarantine for vaccinated visitors, would they make unvaccinated Thais stay in quarantine longer than visitors? My feeling is no. Imposing a quarantine for vaccinated individuals is crazy anyway. Either the vaccine works or it doesn't. What miniscule number of vaccinated people for whom the vaccine proved ineffective, AND who are currently infected, do they think the will find?
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