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  1. Have visited LOS over the years since the 1980's, traveled all over in my visits and had a jolly nice time. End of 2014, after a nasty divorce, farm and all was sold and divvied out and I was pretty burnt out by the whole process, having taken the best part of 18 months. Amazing the low life that appear in this sort of situation. Still all was done & dusted by October and I found my self footloose & fancy free. I had a few friends in LOS who said give it a go - 90 day visa and see what you think. Excellent idea I thought, not had a decent holiday for 8 years and the retirement situation looks good there. Culture shock really hit me, 10 years on the farm had maybe mellowed me too much. Heat, noise, colour, smells, crowds and an alien environment were a wake up call from my fond memories. Visited a few islands and a few places up north and found things really different from my memories. Pitched up in Jomtien and found it a bit more reassuring, but still felt a tad uncomfortable, not quite a fish out of water but close. Met a few friends on retirement, 2 were struggling and 1 had assimilated fairly well. Mistake 1 - stayed in a hotel for 5 months made no effort to find a place to make a bit more homely for myself. Ate out all of the time. Mistake 2 - Went on holiday mode for 5 months, out every night partying, hanging out with bar flies, heroes and blokes that would shag a frog in mid flight. Mistake 3 - Did not get an independent mode of transport for myself. Mistake 4 - She was a lovely girl, honest she was - spoken and written English and a good sense of humour, own car and house. However she could tell lies on her in breath and in her sleep. Six months later back to the UK. Lessons learned and probably the most important one is how to retire, how to go from an active full on social interactive life to one of semi-dormancy. Prompted to write this thread after reading some honest replies on here - Threads such as the currently 'running how is your daily routine' I find enlightening . Perhaps not necessarily related to LOS, but retirement in general. Not sure if it is for me. Thank you & Chock Dee
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