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  1. Has been allowed to keep the baggy vest, or has he been forced into better prison clothing?
  2. I know a few western educated Thais that run building services to foreigners. They have their low paid local grunts instructed to do the jobs properly, to a Western service level, and their businesses are booming. Communication is in fluent English. They do the jobs properly. Lot's of foreigners pay a bit more for this than risk some local cabal of grubs that they cannot communicate with. The Westernized bosses sit back, deal with the bookings, and count the money.
  3. No matter how hard they tried, it was always tied on upside down?
  4. Is it not easier to bring gas to a bus, than a bus to gas? Oh yes, Thailand, let's not ask.
  5. English. So they have a better chance of getting the h3ll out of Thailand and into a modern day country with labor laws. Either that or get them well accustomed to nepotism, cronyism and bullying.
  6. There's no father in the picture. I suppose he was out busy at work at the time.
  7. I don't understand. Everybody is staying at home and ordering Grab since the start of Covid? How are they making less?
  8. I'm not sure. Have you thought of sticking your head inside and using a cigarette lighter to see if untoward is going on?
  9. Is she the civil servant that drove over a security guard for pointing out wherer she can and cannot park, or was that an other Buddhist pyscho child?
  10. Perhaps she can be transferred to the local Immigration Office.
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