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  1. I paid 900 baht for a new tube and tire at a shop instead of fuffing about myself. I guess I'll know soon enough it it was something from the rim or local cat.
  2. I never heard of this actress before. So it's odd that I typed Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street Nude into google images.
  3. I am a landlord and as some tenets moved out in the last year, I have reduced the rent to keep in line with the current market. 80% of the normal rent per month is better than 0% in my book, but everyone is different.
  4. I'm taking it to a bicycle repair shop to get a new tire and inner tube, and they'll inspect the rim while changing them. Hopefully an easy solution for less than 1,000 baht. Though I remembered there are cats near us, and one likes to come over at the night time, and my son mentioned it was scratching or clawing at the back tire. Do you think a cat's claws are enough to go through the tire and slowly puncture the inner tube?
  5. Please report back. I have a 60 day extension based on family, that was extended until Dec 30th. If it is easy and painless to get a 60 Day Covid extension I will do that. If not I will go for the annual extension a few weeks before.
  6. There were cans of Celtic Amber in my local 7-11 last week. But only 4% Has anyone here tried it? Maybe it is just a rebrand of Black Dragon Red Beer.
  7. Thankfully I can go for the annual extension, but would prefer not to go through all the hassle of it. Is a Sherpa slang for an agent or something else?
  8. It should be 1,900 baht. Some reported that they were charged 3,800 baht. What is the current situation with this 60 day Covid extension in Chiang Mai at the immigration office near the airport? Are they giving them out easily for 1900 baht, with no demands for anything else or questions, or are they making it difficult? TIA.
  9. Perhaps, what an awful place to go. On the floor of a public toilet. But an awful way to go... . No. The 12 people half crushed like insects, then burned to death, after a truck smashes and crushes an LPG minivan.. I'll take the shot of opium with my mate.
  10. Priced to sell: one month. Thai pricing: 30 years of letting it sit empty while refusing to go lower than some dreamed up amount.
  11. Different mechanics each time. Though I'm not sure the employees in bicycle shops are called mechanics.
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