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  1. Would add 5 years on to that, personally. Possibly 10. 40 million tourists in 2019. When are 40 million tourists going to have the disposable money, the opportunity and desire to holiday here, even if the restrictions of travel are all but done away with.
  2. Insane indeed. A Cambodian road that's used by trucks in the night time. No way.
  3. I was hit by a truck, grazed my right side and had a slightly sore knee and elbow for a day or two.
  4. Is their sister/daughter really that different, when it comes down to it? They were raised and grew up in the exact same environment! The Thai mother can take her child to live with them now and there is nothing you could do about it (in reality). If you want to do something about it, move to West, then your Western family can raise her should something happen. Plus the education, culture and social benefits. Go home and take your kid with you if her mother allows.
  5. There are going to be some top selling Thai ghost movies in a few years. If there is still a Thailand, and movies, in a few years.
  6. Is there more information on this, wrt foreigners? I am a Westerner living in Thailand with a house book and pink Thai I.D. Card, am I eligible to get a Thai vaccine in Thailand?
  7. Lease the land on a long term lease. Buy 5 of these. 279,500 Thai Baht and you have a master bedroom. Living room. Reading room and study. Dining room (be in range of Grab and Food Panda) and a big bathroom minus fittings. Brand new home at less than 2,700thb per meter.
  8. I collected my son from his kindergarten at 2:30pm, and stopped in a pharmacy to get some hand-gel disinfectant. There was one brand on the shelf with 70% alcohol. I took it to the counter and the old woman cashier snatched it away. No alcohol, 2 and 5pm! Oh, but's it's hand-gel. People don't drink it. At least my son and I don't drink it. He's only 5. No! The law, no alcohol 2 and 5 pm. You live Thailand, you live Thai law. After which it was put down on a shelf behind the counter.
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