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  1. Hello Guys, I have been thinking about investing in the Super Savers Fund (SSF), primarily to avail the Tax Exemption. However, it is my first time and I have so many questions. Hope someone has tried it (or the earlier LTF) and answer some of my questions below. How would one go about finding the best options? I see that all the Banks i am familiar with (namely SCB, KBank, and BBL) are offering some version of SSF, how would someone more experienced choose which bank to go with? Given that we are in August 2020 now, is it still possible to avail this exemption for the year 2020? Is it possible invest lets say 10K THB every month (rest of the year) and avail the incentive (of 50K) for the year 2020? If is it possible, is it advised? or one should go big? Once one invests (or buys units) should we advice our employer and deduct the tax amount at source? or expect to get a refund? Given that it is announced for the period of 2020-2024, is it expected to continue after that? or 2024 is a hard limit? And lastly, is it something worth looking into to potentially save 200K a year, being a foreigner? I am sorry if there is a stupid questions in there, or if the entire thing is idiotic, but I am new at it and would love anyone experienced to pick out holes or blow this entire thing up for me. How I am thinking about this is that I pay-up 200K (lump-sum, or installment: see questions 3) and get it back (maybe save it - i don't know how the refund works in this case: see questions 4) every year for at least 4 years (maybe more: see question 5) and then get my initial investment and potential gains (or losses) after 10 years. Looking forward to hearing you thoughts. Thanks for reading.
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