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  1. I agree that it's the law in Thailand and "when in Rome" and all that, but sadly the wearing of masks outdoors, away from crowds, is pointless. The UK stance on it is: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own which makes sense. The Thai rules to wear a mask outdoors or in your own car, are frankly risible.
  2. That's a valid point and your opinion, but if you spent your life living and working and paying taxes in Germany, don't you think you're entitled to something? Do you get a German State Pension, for example? I'm not criticizing you as much as asking because i find your POV interesting.
  3. Allow me to correct that (based on personal experience) The UK embassy in Thailand anywhere in the world is nothing does nothing and cares even less. But then as has been said, are they there to "aid and assist" Brits abroad or are they just trade missions? I've always thought it the former, but I appear to be expecting too much.
  4. I saw Pres Biden on TV today suggesting that this year's Independence Day, July 4th will be just that for Americans with enough vaccinated by then to really move forward. In UK all restrictions are (hopefully!) being lifted 21st June. Thailand......are you listening????? No, thought not
  5. Lol! I remember visiting on old friend in Pichai many years ago. He described it as "very rural" At 9PM the main water pump went off, so everyone had their vats filled for the night. At 05:00 all the farming folk were up and at it, the rooster having done his job.
  6. As you've mentioned other countries, in UK, when you qualify either by age or medical history, your GP emails/ texts or presumably writes to you if you don't have the technology to book an appointment. Alternatively (as in my case) when you know you qualify by age you can just log on to the Govt website and book your own appointments for both vaccines - I did this about 2 minutes after the announcement that I qualified! Result: first AZ Feb 18th, second coming up May 6th. But, as you say, in Thailand the resources are far fewer (no NHS for a start) and obviously a very differe
  7. I've just created the following topic: In it i say: I would think it to be very reliable knowing the British Heart Foundation. There are many links concerning the vaccines and although it is UK-centric, may answer questions for those in Thailand too. Go through the many links for answers to some of the questions in this thread.
  8. This article is on the British Heart Foundation website dated 7th April 2021. Coronavirus vaccine: get the facts | BHF I would think it to be very reliable knowing the BHF. There are many links concerning the vaccines and although it is UK-centric, may answer questions for those in Thailand too. While posting, I'm adding this one from the same source AstraZeneca Covid vaccine: what you need to know
  9. Funny.....As soon as I see a Farage I start nauseating...... Spill chickers are winderful thongs, aren't they?
  10. Are there enough priests in Thailand to need a special chatline?
  11. Typhoid was common in the days before Political Correctness blighted us all
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