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  1. I've not read all 20 pages of this topic but I did create this thread back in July: The insurances I mention in there most definitely include well over $100K cover for CV and emergency cover....everything a genuine tourist needs insurance-wise plus what Thailand is asking for. By genuine tourist, i mean just that, not someone living in Thailand on a tourist visa. (On payment of a small extra premium, It is possible to get as many 90 day trips as you want out of the Nationwide FlexPlus insurance that I currently hold.) So is it safe to assume that when / if q
  2. Good business sense there - I would love to be in a position to sample one of them!
  3. I use Smokin' Joes when in Pattaya and tbh am sad but not surprised it's closed. I would suggest that 90% of the customers were people staying in the surrounding hotels which of course are also suffering from lack of customers. If SJ has consolidated, hopefully it'll reopen when there are more patrons....
  4. And...... positive cases are not necessarily sick people! They just happen to be carrying the virus, so using those numbers to indicate anything else is purely misleading, at the very least.
  5. Probably - when I remove a drive from one of my computers, it either gets reused in another of MY computers, or, as you imply physically destroyed - platters ripped out and broken into several pieces, then scattered. Bit like my home WiFi - the only machines that can connect to it are those whose MAC addresses are registered and have the multi, multi-character passcode (not even saying how many!) I'm not paranoid....but the buggers ARE out to get us!!
  6. That may be true (I don't know how reliable that site is) but that makes a little more sense than locking down - I failed to see where you objected to that.
  7. I'm not...hence my comment "Therefore as I've said before....let the vulnerable and / or cautious people isolate voluntarily and the rest of us get on with life." I've never suggested forcing anyone to do anything with which they're uncomfortable - let's just have freedom of choice for all.
  8. But as you say...virtually impossible....not totally impossible. Having worked with military IT I can tell you that given enough time and effort, some data could still be recovered - especially off an older HDD....not so much from newer SSDs. Of corser the likelihood of your old drive falling into those sort of hands is minimal.
  9. We can agree to disagree (not for the first time!) but my point is that the people who are vulnerable could be advised what to do to protect themselves whilst the vast majority can go about their business. That way we all get our freedom back. But @Jingthingare you or are you not in favour of lockdowns of any sort? To me they are overkill Masks in crowds - OK irritating, but not damaging and might be efficacious - that I will concede. UPDATE: As I have mentioned elsewhere on TVF, I hold my views despite being mid sixties, with an existing condition that migh
  10. THERE I agree but it's the vulnerable who should be advised, not forced to shelter....not the entire population
  11. How ridiculous - there'll be no businesses left by then! I for one am willing to take a chance, knowing that for the majority, catching CV is not that serious - but very serious for a minority That statement is unarguable whatever source you rely on. Therefore as I've said before....let the vulnerable and / or cautious people isolate voluntarily and the rest of us get on with life.
  12. It is NEVER 100% safe to pass on a hard drive (HDD or SSD) that has ever had personal information on it. These wiping programs still do not remove all traces of everything. @Bruno123 had the right answer. Or just simply sell the PC without a hard drive Or, buy the cheapest hard drive you can, bung Windows on it as a new installation and keep your old drive. I bought 2 second user PCs recently from Amazon's "Renewed Store". Despite them arriving "ready to run" I still trashed the hard drives and rebuilt Windows on them - with SSDs it takes about an hour but my parti
  13. Similar to the UK scheme, however, in these troubled times, one should "never say never"! Having said that, i think I have more faith in the UK scheme than I would the Thai one, partly as I have totally legal permanent right of abode in my home country, whereas in Thailand I would always be on some sort of visa extension. Not scaremongering but with the ever-changing rules in Thailand, who really knows?
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