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  1. I've got 7 bikes in 2 countries. While there is always a bike that I would like to add to the collection, my new object of desire is actually not a bike. Believe it or not, it's got 4 wheels!! I want a 1967 VW Beetle!
  2. Of course you can see a material confirmation in everything you do. Hormones do affect our mood and health, that is not being disputed. What is being disputed is the claim that the brain is the source and the seat of consciousness. The fact that a damaged brain impairs consciousness, or that a dead brain produces no consciousness at all, doesn't necessarily imply that consciousness is generated by the brain. It merely means that the brain translates consciousness just like a computer makes sense of the data in the cloud. The cloud is still intact, even when your computer is damaged. Since the consciousness-in-the-brain theory has never been scientifically proven, it becomes a matter of belief, just like the consciousness-through-the-brain theory.
  3. I'm just reporting the findings of these researches. It takes all but 2 minutes to google the topic and you can find the research papers quite easily. https://research.miu.edu/maharishi-effect/summary-of-13-published-studies The results for this reduced sample were similar to the whole sample; a 22% decrease in crime in 1% cities in 1973 compared to an increase by 2% in control cities (p<.005), and a reduction in crime rate trend in the 1% cities by 89% compared to an increased by 53% in controls (p<.05). In addition, a significant correlation was found between of percentage TM participation in each city in 1972 and crime rate change in 1973 (r=.53, p<.001) and change in slope (r=.41, p.01). This study demonstrated that the Maharishi Effect has immediate effect on crime as well as a long-term effect that persisted over six years, which was independent of the influences of major demographic variables known to affect crime. https://tmhome.com/benefits/study-maharishi-effect-group-meditation-crime-rate/ http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/washington_crime_study.html There are a lot more of course, but I don't have the time to sieve through all that for you. Once you've read these articles and papers, tell me again I'm making up my own rules.
  4. Did you even read the first article? How can you attribute the decrease in violent crimes in New York to a placebo effect?? Is it all a big conspiracy?
  5. Sorry for the misunderstanding...BS is short for Belief System. I have no intention nor need to insult people's beliefs. The placebo effect is accountable for some of the cases, but not for all the case studies. I'd like to remind you they were studied and peer reviewed by scientists, not just some pot smoking, kumbaya singing hippies.
  6. Well...as far as you know....is evidently not very far at all. The topic of prayer is a big topic. There are different ways to pray and they are not all equal. As to the effectiveness of a focused mind, you may want to read this article: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-03/muom-fss032917.php You will find stuff like this: Following up on a 2016 study on group meditation that found a 21.2% reduction in the national homicide rate during the period 2007-2010, a new study focusing on 206 large US urban areas found an even greater decrease of 28.4% in the murder rate. In both studies, the reductions during the period 2007-2010 were in comparison to the baseline period 2002-2006. [...] "This study and 17 other peer-reviewed studies suggest that one's individual consciousness is directly connected to an underlying, universal field of consciousness, and that by collectively enlivening that universal field through the Transcendental Meditation technique, such a group can have a positive effect on the quality of life in society," added coauthor Dr. Michael Dillbeck. And we should also mention the proven (by science!) benefits prayer has on those who pray. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/religion/power-prayer-what-happens-your-brain-when-you-pray-n273956 I could go on, but I have a feeling you prefer the comfort of your old beliefs than learn new scientific facts that could shake up your BS.
  7. I can not talk for those who are stuck believing in literal meanings of metaphors and such, but from my point of view, you're just as obtuse as they are. Do you really think your BS belief system is entirely composed of irrefutable facts? Sorry to disappoint you, but if you believe in the popular theories of the Big Bang, Dark Matter, junk DNA, consciousness as produced by the brain etc... then you're just another believer, since none of these fields have been conclusively explored or sufficiently proven. They are just attempts by the scientific community to understand the universe by analyzing a very limited set of data and stubbornly ignoring other sources. By taking those patchy explanations into your BS, you can be called a believer, just like those people you detest so much for being naive and primitive. It would be illogical to think that science holds all the answers to life, when it clearly comes up short in answering the most fundamental questions. It would be like expecting neurobiology to give you all the answers to what an individual is. Neurobiology is a 'hard' science, based on hard facts of the material world. But to understand what an individual is, you also need the 'soft' sciences of psychology and sociology, but also more 'fuzzy' disciplines such as philosophy and metaphysics. If you dismiss any of those areas, your final picture will necessarily come up short.
  8. There is truth out there that has nothing to do with "imagination". It is out there for anyone to test and prove to the best of his abilities, and stand the scrutiny not of science (who does not possess the tools to investigate it), but of your own personal judgement. Now, if one decides beforehand that he has no intention of exploring that source of information due to his preconceptions and bias, then the shortcoming is only on his part and not of the information source itself.
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