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  1. No no, I'm not one to give away my power in exchange for second hand knowledge and "faith", which for me is just another word to describe "complacency in not-knowing". "Reality" is a tricky word. Is it that narrow band of light- and sound wave frequency we, as humans, are able to perceive? What if for some reason you would be able to perceive a wider spectrum of frequencies? Let's say see ultraviolet or infrared waves and hear sub- or supersonic sounds. Would that mean that you suspend your "old" reality, or would it just mean that your reality has now gained a much wider field of operation? Surely this would make the new (wider) reality more real than the previous one that was more restricted. Let's say, hypothetically, such a man exists and he tries to convey to others what he's seeing and hearing. It would require a big leap of faith to believe him, but for him it's as real as it gets. Most will ridicule him if not outright attack him for what he's saying, yet for him there's no question about the veracity of his experience, there's no going back. This guy then manages to find other like-minded people and they start to work out some guidelines to learn how to widen ones frequency perception. They might even write a book about it. With time then, the teachings in the book get diluted, changed, and hijacked for other purposes. Finally, in the age of enlightenment, science and better knowledge sheds a light on those ancient deceptions and rightly exposes them for all to see. But does that mean that the original teachings (UV and IR in this story) are also deceptions? Of course not. They were there long before and will be there long after this planet has gone to dust.
  2. I've been asking the unanswerable question(s) for the most part of my life, really delved deep into it, yet here I am, knowing that there's more to life that what we can see or touch or even just imagine. And for me, there's no question that what I found is the furthest from a mere fantasy, but rather more real than anything I can experience in day-to-day life. Can you make sense of that?
  3. Doesn't surprise me in the least. They look nice and are very cheap, but as usual...you get what you pay for.
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