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  1. i knew 1 farang lived in Pattaya had HIV died a horrible death as i saw him waste away, he liked to play around with lady boys. knew of a couple of bar girls went back to their villages to die and i know an old lady, ex school director, retired, speak little English in her 60s try to ask her how she got the virus but it was like taking to a child, she has no idea how she got it.
  2. sounds like the OP is doing, just that in his room with his g/f.
  3. difficult for someone like me who is supper human............................ Try and get your head around that.
  4. i will not, im made of stronger stuff. however i do agree with you, my point is why do it in such a public place, seeing that sort of thing could have serious knock on effects in peoples lives. he could of topped himself in private.
  5. i understand enough not to be doing that in public in front of women and young children. he could of taken a large number of pills if he want to die in private.
  6. what a relief that the baby survived really i wonder how well the baby will be doing in a few years time. sorry
  7. whats wrong with these people ? been here 20 years had many girlfriends, biggest problem i find is the Thais just cant communicate whether it be in Thai or English about what going on in their lives.
  8. i get what ur saying and i agree with you but, you and i would not go to those exstreams in public place. thats where it starts to get crazy
  9. Further proof of what living here can do to you. Thailand can destroy you, mentally, physically and financially. only if your a weak person lived here 20 years been most places never been pushed anywhere, get with the program
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