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  1. ex g.f had a Mazda 2 bit on the cheap side inside. current g/f just bought a Toyota Yaris ive driven it a lot its a great car thats the one id buy.
  2. do let us all know how it pans out, me for one cant wait to know how it goes down.
  3. you can hang your self by kneeling, the cord you use cuts off the blood supply to the brain and you pass out then die.
  4. are they easy to bang on a first date ? YES SURE 100% i agree but their is still a big difference between a hooker and a real girl. are they all looking for a long term relationship ? again sure they are. i think with the sex thing they just dont have the morals, principles and hang ups about sex like we do in our countries. thats another good reason while we are all here.
  5. i think your being a bit hard on your statement here. i know quite a lot of smart clean older men late 50s early 60s with decent attractive 34 + year old Thai ladies who have real jobs and i see the genially have feelings for these guys. not hookers
  6. yes your right but here you dont need too much sugar na
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