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  1. 99 percent of the world has not enough stomach acid when getting older to digest food you don't need less stomach acid, you need more APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (villa market) , one teaspoon in a glass of water 15-30 min before a meal
  2. free shipping ? when is the last time you ordered ? now it is 150 - 350 baht shipping for items that is not a small bottle
  3. there a few supplements in this country and most is JUNK - CENTRUM , boots brands, ... wrong versions that are not bio available and rather useless apples and that other fruit to compare...bananas ?
  4. they better setup new brainwashing for birth, to convince everybody that everything is ok in the best of the worlds
  5. 50 billion...pretty sure it must be much more but for us farangs contributing, off course nothing in free for thais married to a farang in farang country, off course they get the same rights as the farang, or it would be called racism, inequality, etc...
  6. strict and thailand and laws not compatible nothing will be done, face saved on paper, business as usual let's spray some more, thailand is getting an 1st world problem : too many old people cancer is the cure
  7. you can have condo/car/motosay/personal belongings and you can lose it all because of some stupid few days of overstay with a mental blacklist
  8. imagine you take an outpatient of 40k like they asked, but your USA insurance does not work with 40 k, that will be xx Us$ and imagine the baht getting even stronger ... there you go ... under insured and another excuse to not help you with your application
  9. many other 3rd world countries, you get married, you can stay for ever, get PR, citizenship, etc... here you get nothing I have no choice, cannot leave, ex-wife keeps child HOSTAGE
  10. hope all this <deleted> can go viral and less and less people visit I am living here 10+ years and suddenly became a tourist against my will after divorce that leaves you no other choice if you are not 50+
  11. and some jailtime with other men 20-30 in a cell and a bucket to s.hit in
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