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  1. the price ? not being from tesco itself or big c ? maybe some imported stuff ? they sell apple cider vinegar in combo with real honey... pricy buy worth it the apple cider vinegar will also help a lazy stomac, aka NOT ENOUGH ACID the omeprazole will kill your stomach acid, you will not digest your food, your problems will remain as stomach problems are 99 percent not enough acid or eating too much or drinking too much water before, during, after your food, as you will dilute the acidity, needed to digest your protein, that will stay in your stomach, start to ROTT, ferment and this is what opens the LES sphincter lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is a bundle of muscles at the low end of the esophagus, where it meets the stomach
  2. if you only count DEAD ON THE SPOT and not died in the hospital ...
  3. maybe donald can ask him to make the same rules of thai people moving to USA... not being able to buy land, report every 90 day to police, make sure they come to begg every year for an extension of stay with 10x more savings the average joe has on his bank account and no more thai restaurants in USA with at least 4 REAL WHITE / BLUE / BLACK / RED AMERICANS per thai restaurant worker or massage parlour
  4. yeah, just what I need, more pollution... I see them almost land in my garden biggest airport, you might think they would drop an immigration office overthere ? nah.... let keep the old shitty immigration office and the other side of the province... you guys that go to CW, you don't know how good you have it there.... all banks, services, restaurants ...
  5. thai food + western junk = the obesity problem is taking off in Asia
  6. and now an APP how to prevent GLAUCOMA, as this is self-induced, too much bad salt, msg, sugar, fish sauce and other chemicals
  7. in most other countries, this would not even be news but here you can live 10-20-50 years, as a farang, work, spend millions and still be considered as a tourist
  8. I think there is always more to the story and what the media tells us ... kick her to death over sex ? don't think so ... I sure understand why people would do something when having a b.iatch that took all your money, tell you she will take the kids to a place you will not be allowed to see them, take the house, the car, the money, alimony , etc... don't think this is just sex any no CCTV in prison ?
  9. an ounce of prevention is better than a cup of pills or something
  10. poll you say, but there is no poll vote button off course it is freaking stupid and crazy if you would move, than it makes sense now it is just a f.ing rule to show them farangs who is boss what is the use ? villa market does not give bags on 4th and another day, to save the world but stupid rules and s.hitload of copies are needed every 90 days or yearly begging trip, while all info is stored on a computer, or is that just for show ?
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