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  1. Must all have been exported to China because around here nobody wears a mask except some female tourists from Saudi Arabia
  2. I deeply trust any statements and statistics given by the honorable Thai government or the TAT. Thais never lie, ai farang!
  3. As a comedian Comical Anutin would make a fortune
  4. Just curious: How much do one earn/month beeing an english teacher here? Sure it depends on the schools. There are good ones in Thailand. I read here 30k. is that reliable? is this payed by all those dubious private schools or do government schools pay that - what I would doubt.
  5. How long did she already stay in Thailand? Two minutes?
  6. Thailand is the world leader in blocking web sites. Other rankings where Thailand is champion: 1. Road deaths 2. Military coups 3. Generals-to-soldiers relation to lead the corruption index, there's still some work to be done to compete with countries l North Korea, Somalia and Syria. But the general will solve the problem. Just a matter of time.
  7. It seems like Boeing has adopted the policy of software companies who use their customers as beta testers.
  8. 4. Make the world learn Thai. No need for english teachers any more.
  9. Right. The impact is for chinese related business, not over all. The beer bars were dead long befor the virus and the farang related restaurants, hotels and shops have business as usual. It might be a little less than before, but not that much.
  10. Please tell me the difference for foreign investments then. We have a constitutional monarchy in a country kept running by an unstable and corrupt military regime holding the world record in military coups and on the other hand a so called "communist" regime. Btw: China is a "communist" country too. Was that a problem for foreign companies investing billions over billions there in the last decade? Any investor will look at the investment climate, the available workers and their skills more than if it's a "communist" country or a so called monarchy. If your factory is in Vietnam you have the same access to the Asean and world market. That is what counts. Thailand missed to transform in a hightec place (as Malaysia did for example). It is still just a cheap workshop, nothing else. And there are more and cheaper workshops around here. To like Thailand and one's stay here does not mean you have to wear pink glasses.
  11. I'll report how long it takes to get it from my BKK Bank branch, to what date it will be stamped and how Jomtien Immigration is handling the "no show up after three months"-fact when I'm I'm back from the office in about two or three weeks.
  12. You want to say that the exchange rate has not a significant inluence to the selling prices abroad? Really? Sure. Japanese companies use Thailand as an assembly line, but the rising costs along with the strong THB close the profit gap doing so. Yes, they are quite new in the competition. Does that make them less dangerous to Thaiuland? I don't think so. That's right, but this is not the so for Japan and the western countries. China is a huge economic player but it's not the only one. If they tighten the rules for wannabe longstayers and retirees that is not of any importance to investors and companies And what exactly is different to Thailand and it's mega corrupt system - except they are no "communists" here?
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